is over....
Goodbye everybody!
So, the Meeting is over but we have something more to say

MSG from Ruth

Another message....from Maura
Dear YL's, even if I am not active in Radio 
( but, who knows? Maybe one day...)
and prefer computer works, I enjoyed this Meeting too,
because it was such a wonderful thing, to know you YL's coming 
from so different and far countries of the World, and see you stay together 
like old and affectionate real friends.
So, thank you Ruth for giving me the opportunity to meet these fantastic ladies: 
I'm very happy that it worked out all right. 
I send a big hug to you all; I thank you for your delicious little gifts 
and expecially for your smiles.

Best wishes to you all from Maura, IW9BO

...  and see you all in  , 2004!

[email protected]