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Clandestine Audio
Identifying clandestine stations can be a challenge, especially when the signal is weak or full of interference.  The web offers an effective tool for the avid listener: audio of programs with which tell-tale clues can be taken, including musical tones, pronounciation of the station name, and so on.  The following is a collection of the sound bytes currently known to exist on the Internet taken both off-air and in-studio.
Audio Station Target Nation Language
  VORGAN Angola Portuguese
  Voice of Tigray Revolution Ethiopia Amharic
   Voice of United and Free Ethiopia Ethiopia Amharic
  Radio Kudirat Nigeria English
Radio NADECO Nigeria English
Radio New Nigeria Nigeria English
Voice of Free Nigeria Nigeria English
Radio Hargeisa Somalia Somali
  Radio Mogadishu Somalia English
Voice of the Great Somali People Somalia Arabic
Voice of Sudan Sudan Arabic
Radio Free Asia Regional Chinese
Radio Solidarity Army Cambodia Khmer
Voice of China PR China Chinese
Democratic Voice of Burma Myanmar Maymo
Echo of Hope North Korea Korean
Voice of the People North Korea Korean
  Voice of National Salvation South Korea Korean
Voice of Mojahed Iran Farsi
Voice of Southern Azerbaijan Iran Azeri
Voice of Iranian Kurdistan Kurdistan (Iran) Farsi
  Voice of the People of Kurdistan Kurdistan (Iraq) Kurdish
La Voz de la Fundacion Cuba Spanish
Radio Marti Cuba Spanish
 Audio files are courtesy of TRS Consultants, Jay Novello, Anti-Castro Clandestine Radio Page, A B I, Mahendra Vaghjee and Bill Whitacre, and Nick Grace C.
You can download the necessary software for free by hitting the following logos: