Y.A.C.H.T club on NextCloud Talk

There is now an open-room chat server for the YACHT club!
The Y.A.C.H.T club chat session hosted on NextCloud is now available to join.
You can join by pressing the chat button on the home page or 
by the button below,
to log in use the password "YACHTclubONLINE"
You will be admitted as a guest user unless you have a NextCloud account.
Just Enter your callsign and First name in the name field
and your good to go as I have granted  guest users full rights as well as logged in users.


The three small disclaimer(s):

1. This server is not controlled by the YACHT Founders, KG8CX is an administrator of the chat room as well as myself (KL5IS) but the ultimate control is mine the service is hosted thegood.cloud, it was originally going to be on my own hardware but that is currently not posable.

 2. The information shared via this chat room is recorded and publicly available.
If you chose to use this service, please refrain from posting anything sensitive keeping in mind that I do have a physical copy (that includes @mentions and private messages) of the chat room and, besides that, anyone with the link and password can log in. You don't have to be a ham.

3. The server this is running on is very slow, if there is to much load on it I will have to temporarily boot the participants for a while till it recovers.

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