1) When do we leave

We leave Copenhagen Airport 24 October on 06.00 GMT and we are back in Copenhagen 31 October at 20.00 GMT.

Check in time is normally 1 hour before, but check your ticket maybe something has been change !!!! (There are maybe some more security on flights after 11/9) Anyway it is a good idea to be in CPH airport 1 1/2 - 2 hours before take off.( remember to buy tax-free!! Greenland is outside EU so you can bring 1l liquor, 200 cigarettes, beer and ... check in airport )

Remember your Passport  


2) How is the weather and which temperatures can we expect?
Whenever you are in an arctic area you can expect changeable weather and must be prepared for all kinds of weather when you go on a tour.
The temperatures vary between minus 5 degrees Celsius to minus 30 degrees Celsius in the winter and plus 5 degrees Celsius to plus 15 degrees Celsius in the summer. However the temperatures do not feel as cold as in Europe as the wind is very dry.

During CQWW SSB Contest last part of October we expect temp will be from minus 15 to plus 10 degrees Celsius 


3) Which clothing and footwear should we bring on our tour in Greenland?
It is a good idea to regulate the body temperature by putting clothing on and taking it off, or opening and closing it. In general wool next to your body is recommended and then an insulation layer with rain and windproof on the outside. It can be quite warm in the sun but as soon as you are in the shades the temperatures fall rapidly.
Waterproof lightweight hiking shoes/boots or shoes with a robust treaded sole are sensible footwear. One or two pairs of good glove and a warm cap who protect your hands and ears is a must. 

4) Sample. of clothing I will bring (OX3LX):

1. Socks and underwear and personal gear.(1st layer)

2 One or two long pants is nice to have in case, when we have to work on antennas and towers or be on tour in the area.(1st layer)

3. Lots of good T-shirts (1st layer)

4. one or two good sweater or pullover(2nd layer)

5. Some shirts remember we have to go to HAM dinner.( 2nd layer)

6. Trousers could be jeans or waterproof material or whatever you normally use. If you have long pants as 1st layer inside it is normally enough to keep your warm.(2nd layer)

7. If there are Snow or heavy rain when we leaving I will also bring waterproof leggings (overall trousers)(3rd Layer)

8. Some good waterproof lightweights boots and some indoor shoes(1st layer) 

9. One or two pairs of good glove and a warm cap who protect your hands and ears is a must.(1st layer)

10. One good lightweights waterproof long jacket like North Face with a detachable (not sure it is the right name) inner jacket made by polyester fibres. (2nd and 3rd layers)


5) Tools 

There are not any tools on site so it is recommended all members bring some personal tools:

List of tools you should bring:

A must is a VHF radio on 145.500Mhz who will be the official DXpetion frq.

Some other tools could be like:

one fork wrench in the size 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15 mm (no american size?) ring/gaffelnøgler
one screwdriver normal notch in 3 mm and in 5 mm (skruetrækker med normal kærv)
one screwdriver stat notch phillips No 1 and 2 (stjerne)
one set of Allen key (umbrakonøgler)
one cutting nippers (bidetang)
one flat bit (flad tang)
Husk at al værktøj skal pakkes ned i bagagen.


6) CQWW SSB 2001 Rules (look here)