Kangerlussuaq - also known as Søndre Strømfjord or Sondrestrom - is located 160 kilometer (100 miles) to the east of Greenland's west coast, approx. 60 kilometer (35 miles) north of the Polar Circle.

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In Greenlandic, Kangerlussuaq means the long fjord. The fjord is 185 km long, with Kangerlussuaq Airport located at the far end, approx. 60 km north of the Polar Circle. For both international and domestic air traffic, Kangerlussuaq is an important hub.

Some 90% of all travellers to, from and within Greenland pass through Kangerlussuaq. Direct connections currently available include Atlantic route to Copenhagen, FirstAir/Greenlandair's route to Ottawa, Greenlandair's route to Keflavik via Kulusuk and Greenlandair's services to Nuuk (Godthåb), Ilullissat (Jakobshavn), Maniitsoq (Sukkertoppen), Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) and Kulusuk.

Kangerlussuaq is not like other towns in Greenland. It is an airport area nestling amid scenic surroundings. Administratively speaking, Kangerlussuaq Airport falls outside the municipal divisions of Greenland.

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Kangerslussuaq local overview


Getting to Greenland

Travel agencies throughout the world offer tours to Greenland. Please check this World list of travel agencies and contact the appropriate agency for further details.

If you plan to visit Greenland on your own, these are the basic facts for a start:

From Denmark there are 5-10 weekly connections from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq in Greenland, operated by SAS and Greenlandair.

From Canada there is one weekly connection from Ottawa via Iqaluit to Kangerlussuaq, operated by FirstAir.

From Iceland there are three weekly connections from Keflavik to Kulusuk and onwards to Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. The routes between Iceland and Greenland are operated by Greenlandair and Air Iceland.

There are no passenger ship routes between Greenland and other countries.

Upon arrival in Greenland you can continue with a Greenlandair domestic flight to your destination. Or during the summer you can sail with an Arctic Umiaq Line passenger ship from the international airports in Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq to the towns on the coast. But you cannot drive or go by train as Greenland has no roads or railroads between the towns.

Please make your reservations well in advance - as soon as possible - as both air and sea routes are often fully booked. This is especially true in the summer.

Despite the untamed nature, traveling in Greenland is safe. The vehicular fleet is constantly maintained, as the safety regulations to be observed here are some of the toughest in the world.

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