1A	Sovereign Military Order of Malta
1B	Cyprus			
1S 	Spratly Is
2E      England (Novices)
2D      Isle Of Man (Novices)
2I      Northern Ireland (Novices)
2J      Jersey (Novices)
2M      Scotland (Novices)
2U      Guernsey & Dependencies (Novices)
2W      Wales (Novices)
3A 	Monaco
3B6 	Agalega
3B7 	Agalega
3B8 	Mauritius
3B9 	Rodriguez Is
3C 	Equatorial Guinea
3C0 	Annobon
3D2 	Conway Reef
3D2 	Fiji Is
3D2 	Rotuma
3D2/C 	Conway Reef
3D2/F 	Fiji Islands
3D2/R 	Rotuma
3D6 	Swaziland
3DA0 	Swaziland
3G 	Chile
3V 	Tunisia
3W 	Vietnam
3X 	Guinea
3Y 	Bouvet Is
3Y 	Peter Is
3Y/B 	Bouvet
3Y/P 	Peter Is
3Z 	Poland
4A 	Mexico
4B 	Mexico
4C 	Mexico
4D 	Philippines
4F 	Philippines
4I 	Philippines
4J 	Azerbaijan
4J1	Malyj Vysotskij
4K 	Russian Polar Sta
4L 	Georgia
4M 	Venezuela
4N1 	Yugoslavia (Regular)
4N4 	Bosnia Herzegovina
4N5 	Macedonia
4N6 	Yugoslavia (Regular)
4N7 	Yugoslavia (Regular)
4N8 	Yugoslavia (Regular)
4N9     Yugoslavia (Reserved)
4N0     Yugoslavia (Reserved)
4O1 	Yugoslavia (Special)
4O4 	Bosnia Herzegovina
4O5 	Macedonia
4O6 	Yugoslavia (Special)
4O7 	Yugoslavia (Special)
4O8 	Yugoslavia (Special)
409     Yugoslavia (Reserved)
400     Yugoslavia (Reserved)
4P 	Sri Lanka
4Q 	Sri Lanka
4R 	Sri Lanka
4S 	Sri Lanka
4T 	Peru
4U 	I.T.U. Geneva
4U 	U.N. N.Y.
4U1VIC Vienna International Congress Center.
4V 	Haiti
4W 	Yemen
4X	Israel
4Z 	Israel
5A 	Libya
5B 	Cyprus
5C 	Morocco
5D 	Morocco
5H 	Tanzania
5I 	Tanzania
5J 	Columbia
5K 	Columbia
5L 	Liberia
5N 	Nigeria
5O 	Nigeria
5R 	Malagasy Rep 
5S 	Malagasy Rep
5T 	Mauritania
5U 	Niger
5V 	Togo
5W 	Western Samoa
5X 	Uganda
5Y 	Kenya
5Z 	Kenya
6D 	Mexico
6E 	Mexico
6G 	Mexico
6I 	Mexico
6K 	South Korea
6O 	Somalia
6T 	Sudan
6V 	Senegal
6W 	Senegal
6Y 	Jamaica
7J 	Japan
7K 	Japan
7L 	Japan
7M	Japan
7N 	Japan
7O 	Yemen Peo Rep
7P 	Lesotho
7Q 	Malawi
7S 	Sweden
7T 	Algeria
7U	 Algeria
7V 	Algeria
7W 	Algeria
7X 	Algeria
7Y 	Algeria
7Z 	Saudi Arabia
8A 	Indonesia
8B 	Indonesia
8C 	Indonesia
8D 	Indonesia
8E 	Indonesia
8F 	Indonesia
8G 	Indonesia
8H 	Indonesia
8I 	Indonesia
8J 	Japan
8O 	Botswana
8P 	Barbados
8Q 	Maldive Is
8R 	Guyana
8S 	Sweden
8T 	India
8T4 	Andaman Is
8T7 	Laccadive Is
8U 	India
8U4 	Andaman Is
8U7 	Laccadive Is
8V 	India
8V4 	Andaman Is
8V7 	Laccadive Is
8W	India
8W4 	Andaman Is
8W7 	Laccadive Is
8Z 	Saudi Arabia
9A 	Croatia
9D 	Iran
9E 	Ethiopia
9F 	Ethiopia
9G 	Ghana
9H 	Malta
9I 	Zambia
9J 	Zambia
9K 	Kuwait
9L 	Sierra Leone
9M0 	Spratly Is
9M2 	West Malaysia
9M4 	West Malaysia
9M6 	East Malaysia
9M8 	East Malaysia
9N 	Nepal
9Q 	Zaire
9R 	Zaire
9S  	Zaire
9T 	Zaire 
9U 	Burundi
9V 	Singapore
9X 	Rwanda
9Y 	Trinidad
9Z 	Trinidad
A15 	Abu Ail
A2 	Botswana
A3 	Tonga
A4 	Oman
A5 	Bhutan
A51 	Bhutan
A6 	United Arab Emirites
A7 	Qatar
A8 	Liberia
A9 	Bahrain
AA-AK 	United States
AC6 	West Carolines
AH0 	Mariana Is
AH1 	Baker Howland
AH2 	Guam
AH3 	Johnston Is
AH4 	Midway Is
AH5 	Palmyra Is
AH5K 	Kingman Reef
AH6 	Hawaii
AH7K 	Kure Is
AH8 	American Samoa
AH9 	Wake Is
AL 	Alaska
AM 	Spain
AM6 	Balearic Is
AM8 	Canary Is
AM9 	Ceuta-Melilla
AN 	Spain
AN6 	Balearic Is
AN8 	Canary Is
AN9 	Ceuta-Melilla
AO 	Spain
AO6 	Balearic Is
AO8 	Canary Is
AO9 	Ceuta-Melilla
AP 	Pakistan
AQ 	Pakistan
AR 	Pakistan
AS 	Pakistan
AT 	India
AT4 	Andaman Is
AT7 	Laccadive Is
AU 	India
AU4 	Andaman Is
AU7 	Laccadive Is
AV 	India
AV4 	Andaman Is
AV7 	Laccadive Is
AW 	India
AW4 	Andaman Is
AW7 	Laccadive Is
AX 	Australia
AY 	Argentina
AZ 	Argentina
BA-BU 	China
BV 	Taiwan (See Below For New Prefixes and Calls)
        BO1xx - Matzu Island
        BO2xx - Kinmem Island
        BO2YA - CTARL Kinmen Island clubstation
        BV0xx - special event stations
        BV1-8xx - Taiwan areas
        BV9 - islands near Taiwan
        BV9A - Penhu Island
        BV9O - Orchid Island
        BV9G - Green Island
        BV9P - Pratas Island (DXCC)
        BM(1-8)abc - class 4 calls (VHF/UHF only)
        BN(1-8)abc - class 4 calls (VHF/UHF only)
        BV(1-8)Yx - CTARL Branch clubstations
        BV9AYA - CTARL Penhu Island clubstation
        BV4YL - CTARL YL/XYL clubstation, mid Taiwan area.
        BV2Y - CTARL Taipei office station
        BV5Y - CTARL HQ Station
        BV Bureau, PO Box 73, Taipei 100, Taiwan.
BW 	China
BX 	China
BY 	China
BZ 	China
C2 	Nauru
C3 	Andorra
C4 	Cyprus
C5 	Gambia
C6 	Bahamas
C8 	Mozambique
C9 	Mozambique
CA 	Chile
CB 	Chile
CC 	Chile
CD 	Chile
CE1-CE8 	Chile
CE9 	Antarctica
CE0A  	Easter Island
CE0E 	Easter Island
CE0F 	Easter Island
CE0I  	Juan Fernandez 
CE0X  	San Felix
CE0Y 	Easter Island
CE0Z 	Juan Fernandez
CF 	Canada
CG 	Canada
CH 	Canada
CI 	Canada
CJ 	Canada
CK 	Canada
CL 	Cuba
CM 	Cuba
CN 	Morocco
CO 	Cuba
CP 	Bolivia
CQ 	Portugal
CQ3	Madeira Is
CQ9 	Madeira Is
CR 	Portugal
CR3 	Madeira Is
CR9 	Madeira Is
CS 	Portugal
CT 	Portugal
CT2	Azores
CT3 	Madeira Is
CT9 	Madeira Is
CU 	Azores Is
CV 	Uruguay
CW 	Uruguay
CX 	Uruguay 
CY 	Canada
CY0 	Sable Is
CY9 	St Paul Is
CZ 	Canada
D2 	Angola
D3 	Angola
D4 	Cape Verde
D6 	Comoros
D7 	South Korea
D8 	South Korea
D9 	South Korea
DA      Germany       DA = Germany
                      DA0 = Clubstations
                      DA1...DA9 = individual licenses issued to
                                  members of foreign Nato forces
                                  stationed in DL. Both, VHF
                                  licenses and full priviledge licenses
DB      Germany       DB = Germany, VHF licenses
                      DB0 = Repeaters, beacons, club stations with
                            VHF license
                      DB1...DB9 = VHF licenses
DC      Germany       DC = Germany, VHF licenses
DD      Germany       DD = Germany, VHF licenses
DE      Germany       DE = Germany, examined SWLs
DF      Germany       DF = Germany, full privileges
                      DF0 = Club Stations
                      DF1..DF9 = individual licenses
DG      Germany       DG = Germany, VHF licenses
DH      Germany       DH = Germany, Since May 1st 1998 this prefix 
                           belongs to the full privilege class.
                           Old licences have been upgraded.
DI      Germany       DI = Technically Germany, factually not in use,
                           never issued, no plans to issue DIs
DJ      Germany       DJ = Germany, full privileges
                           DJ0 = Legal alien residents                                 
DJ1...DJ9 = German citizens
DK      Germany       DK = Germany, full privileges
                           DK0 = Club Stations
                           DK1...DK9 = Individuals
DL      Germany       DL = Germany, full privileges
                                 DL0 = Club Stations
                                 DL1...DL9 = Individuals
DM      Germany       DM = Germany, both lic classes
                                 DM series will only be used in the
                                 boundaries of former East Germany, which
                                 used the DM prefix before East Germany
                                 went to the Y2..Y9 series. DM calls will 
                                 only be assigned to radio amateurs, who
                                 actually held a DM call in the past.
                                 DM: Since 1.1.1999 new DM-calls will be 
                                 issued to VHF-licensees (also to
                                 those who did not hold a license before)
DN      Germany       DN = Germany, Training Calls, will only be
                                 used for formal training of unlicensed
                                 prospective hams. Used only by the Trainee
                                 NOT by the Trainer, who has his own call
DO      Germany       DO = Germany, low power 2m/70 cm only calls
DP      Germany       DP = German expeditionary calls, used only
                                 for stations operating outside of Germany
                                 in international territories or in space
DQ      Germany       DQ = technically Germany. Never assigned, and
                                 I am not aware of any plans to assign the
                                 DQ series  
DR      Germany       DR = technically Germany. Never assigned, and
                                 I am not aware of any plans to use the DR
                                 series for amateur radio calls.
Thanks To Siegfried Rambaum --  KB2YVC & Bert DL3YEI

DS 	South Korea
DT 	South Korea
DU 	Philippines
DV 	Philippines 
DX 	Philippines 
DY 	Philippines
DZ 	Philippines
E2 	Thailand
E3 	Eritrea
E4      Palestine (As of Oct. 1, 1999)
EA 	Spain
EA6 	Balearic Is
EA8 	Canary Is
EA9 	Ceuta
EB 	Spain
EB6 	Balearic Is
EB8 	Canary Is
EB9 	Ceuta
EC 	Spain
EC6 	Balearic Is
EC8 	Canary Is
EC9 	Ceuta
EC9 	Melilla
ED 	Spain
ED6 	Balearic Is
ED8 	Canary Is
ED9 	Ceuta
ED9 	Melilla
EE 	Spain
EE6 	Balearic Is
EE8 	Canary Is
EE9 	Ceuta
EF 	Spain
EF6 	Balearic Is
EF8 	Canary Is
EF9 	Ceuta
EG 	Spain
EG6 	Balearic Is
EG8 	Canary Is
EG9 	Ceuta
EH 	Spain
EH6 	Balearic Is
EH8 	Canary Is
EH9 	Ceuta
EI 	Ireland
EJ 	Ireland
EK 	Armenia
EL 	Liberia
EM 	Ukraine
EN 	Ukraine
EO 	Ukraine
EP 	Iran
EQ 	Iran
ER 	Moldova
ES 	Estonia
ET 	Ethiopia
EU 	Belarus
EV 	Belarus
EW 	Belarus
EX 	Kyrgyzstan
EY 	Tadjikistan
EZ 	Turkmenistan
F 	France
FB 	France
FC 	Corsica
FD 	France
FE 	France
FF 	France
FG 	Guadeloupe
FH 	Mayotte
FJ 	St Martin
FK 	New Caledonia
FM 	Martinique
FO 	Clipperton
FO 	Tahiti
FO/C 	Clipperton
FP 	St Pierre Miquelon
FR 	Glorioso
FR 	Juan De Nova
FR 	Reunion
FR 	Tromelin
FR/G 	Glorioso
FR/J 	Juan De Nova
FR/T 	Tromelin
FS 	St Martin
FT0W 	Crozet
FT0X 	Kerguelen Is
FT0Z 	Amsterdam Paul
FT2W 	Crozet
FT2X 	Kerguelen Is
FT2Z 	Amsterdam Paul
FT5W 	Crozet
FT5X 	Kerguelen Is
FT5Z 	Amsterdam Paul
FT8W 	Crozet
FT8X 	Kerguelen Is
FT8Y 	Antarctica
FT8Z 	Amsterdam Paul
FU 	France
FV 	France
FW 	Wallis Is
FY 	French Guiana
G 	England
GB 	Special Event Stations anywhere in the UK, 
        Channel Is or Isle of Man. (Not Just England)
GC      Wales (Clubs)
GD 	Isle of Man
GH      Jersey (Clubs)
GI 	Northern Ireland
GJ 	Jersey
GM 	Scotland
GN      Northern Ireland (Clubs)
GP      Guernsey & Dependencies(Clubs)
GS      Scotland (Clubs)
GT      Isle Of Man (Clubs)
GU 	Guernsey & Dependencies
GW 	Wales
GX 	England (Clubs)
H2 	Cyprus
H3 	Panama
H4 	Solomon Is
H5 	So Africa
H6	Nicaragua
H7 	Nicaragua
H8 	Panama
H9 	Panama
HA 	Hungary
HB 	Switzerland
HB0 	Liechtenstein
HC 	Ecuador
HC8 	Galapagos
HD 	Ecuador
HD8 	Galapagos
HE 	Switzerland
HF 	Poland
HF0 	So Shetland
HG 	Hungary
HH 	Haiti
HI 	Dominican Rep
HJ 	Columbia
HK 	Colombia
HK0 	Malpelo Is
HK0 	San Andres Is
HK0/A 	San Andres Is
HK0/M 	Malpelo Is
HL 	South Korea
HM 	North Korea
HN 	Iraq
HO 	Panama
HP 	Panama
HQ 	Honduras
HR 	Honduras
HS 	Thailand
HT 	Nicaragua
HU 	El Salvador
HV 	Vatican City
HW 	France
HX 	France
HY 	France
HZ 	Saudi Arabia
I 	Italy
IA 	Italy
IB 	Italy
IC 	Italy
ID 	Italy
IE 	Italy
IF 	Italy
IG 	Italy
IH 	Italy
II 	Italy
IJ 	Italy
IK 	Italy
IL 	Italy
IM 	Italy
IN 	Italy
IO 	Italy
IP 	Italy
IQ 	Italy
IR 	Italy
IS 	Sardinia
IT 	Sicily
IU 	Italy
IV 	Italy
IW 	Italy
IX 	Italy
IY 	Italy
IZ 	Italy
J2 	Djibouti
J2/A 	Abu Ail
J3 	Grenada
J4 	Greece
J45 	Dodecanese
J49 	Crete
J5 	Guinea Bissau
J6 	St Lucia
J7 	Dominica
J8 	St Vincent
JA 	Japan
JB 	Japan
JC 	Japan
JD 	Minami Torishima
JD 	Ogasawara 
JD/O 	Ogasawara
JE 	Japan
JF 	Japan
JG 	Japan
JH 	Japan
JI 	Japan
JJ 	Japan
JK 	Japan
JL 	Japan
JM 	Japan
JN 	Japan
JO 	Japan
JP 	Japan
JQ 	Japan
JR 	Japan
JS 	Japan
JT 	Mongolia 
JU 	Mongolia
JV 	Mongolia
JW 	Svalbard Is
JX 	Jan Mayen
JY 	Jordan
K 	United States
KA-KZ	United States
KC4 	Antarctica Bryd
KC4 	Antarctica McMurdo
KC4 	Antarctica Palmer
KC6 	East Carolines
KC6 	West Carolines
KC6/E 	East Caroline
KC6/W 	West Carolines
KG4 	USA OR Guantanamo Bay
Single letter suffixes KG4x and three letter suffixes KG4xxx can be 
issued anywhere in the USA fourth call district, and used anywhere 
in the United States.
Two letter suffixes KG4xx are issued for Guantanamo Bay. 
KG6 	Guam
KH0 	Mariana Is
KH1 	Baker Howland
KH2 	Guam
KH3 	Johnston Is
KH4 	Midway Is
KH5 	Palmyra Is
KH5K 	Kingman Reef
KH6 	Hawaii
KH6 	Hawaii
KH7 	Kure Is
KH7K 	Kure Is
KH8 	American Samoa
KH9 	Wake Is
KL 	Alaska
KP1 	Navassa Is
KP2 	Virgin Is
KP3 	Puerto Rico
KP4 	Puerto Rico
KP5 	Desecheo Is
KV4 	Virgin Is
L1 	Argentina
L2 	Argentina
L3 	Argentina
L4 	Argentina
L5 	Argentina
L6 	Argentina
L7 	Argentina
L8 	Argentina
L9 	Argentina
LA- LN	Norway 
LO 	Argentina
LP 	Argentina
LQ 	Argentina
LR 	Argentina
LS 	Argentina
LT 	Argentina
LU 	Argentina
LV 	Argentina
LW 	Argentina
LX 	Luxembourg
LY 	Lithuania 
LZ 	Bulgaria
M1	San Marino
M 	England
MC      Wales (Clubs)
MD 	Isle of Man
MH      Jersey (Clubs)
MI 	Northern Ireland
MJ 	Jersey
MM 	Scotland
MN      Northern Ireland (Clubs)
MP      Guernsey & Dependencies(Clubs)
MS      Scotland (Clubs)
MT      Isle Of Man (Clubs)
MU 	Guernsey & Dependencies
MW 	Wales
MX 	England (Clubs)
N 	Unites States
NA-NZ 	Unites States
NC6	Eastern Carolines
NC6	Western Carolines
NH0	Mariana Is
NH1 	Baker Howland
NH2 	Guam
NH3 	Johnston Is
NH4 	Midway Is
NH5 	Palmyra Is
NH5K 	Kingman Reef
NH6 	Hawaii
NH6 	Hawaii
NH7K 	Kure Is
NH8 	American Samoa
NH9 	Wake Is
NL 	Alaska
NP1 	Navassa Is
NP2 	Virgin Is
NP3 	Puerto Rico
NP4 	Puerto Rico
NP5 	Desecheo Is
OA 	Peru
OB 	Peru
OC 	Peru
OD 	Lebanon
OE 	Austria
OF 	Finland
OF0	Aland Is
OG 	Finland
OG0 	Aland Is
OH 	Finland
OH0 	Aland Is
OH0M 	Market Reef 
OI 	Finland
OJ0 	Market Reef 
OK 	Czech Republic
OL 	Czech Republic
OM 	Slovakia
ON 	Belgium 
OO 	Belgium
OP 	Belgium
OQ 	Belgium
OR 	Belgium
OS 	Belgium
OT 	Belgium
OX 	Greenland
OY 	Faroe Is
OZ 	Denmark
P2 	Papua
P3 	Cyprus
P30 	Cyprus
P36 	Cyprus
P4 	Aruba
P5 	North Korea
P6 	North Korea
P7 	North Korea
P8 	North Korea
P9 	North Korea
PA - PI 	Netherlands
PJ 	Neth Antilles
PJ 	St Maarten
PJ0 	Neth Antilles
PJ1 	Neth Antilles
PJ2 	Neth Antilles
PJ3 	Neth Antilles
PJ4 	Neth Antilles
PJ5 	St Maarten
PJ7 	St Maarten
PJ9 	Neth Antilles
PK 	Indonesia
PL 	Indonesia
PM 	Indonesia
PN 	Indonesia
PO 	Indonesia
PP 	Brazil
PQ 	Brazil
PQ 	Brazil
PQ0F 	Fer De Noronha
PQ0S 	Peter Paul Rocks
PQ0T 	Trindade
PR 	Brazil
PS 	Brazil
PT 	Brazil
PU 	Brazil
PU0F 	Fer De Noronha
PU0S 	Peter Paul
PU0T 	Trindade
PX0F 	Fer De Noronha
PX0S 	Peter Paul
PX0T 	Trindade
PY 	Brazil  (Also See Awards)
PP1.....ESPIRITO SANTO.....ES           
PY1.....RIO DE JANEIRO.....RJ           
PT2.....BRASILIA DF........DF                                                   
PY2.....SAO PAULO..........SP                                            
PY3.....RIO GRANDE DO SUL..RS                                         
PY4.....MINAS GERAIS.......MG                                                   
PY9.....MATO GROSSO........MT
PY0 	Fer De Noronha
PY0 	Peter Paul Rocks
PY0 	Trindade
PY0/F 	Fer De Noronha
PY0/S 	Peter Paul Rocks
PY0/T 	Trindade
PY0F 	Fer De Noronha
PY0S 	Peter Paul Rocks
PY0T 	Trindade
PZ 	Suriname
 Territories, Prefixes, Suffixes and Zones of the Former USSR -- A Must See
 Russia Prefixes, Suffixes and Zones -- A Must See
 UA Prefixes, -- Geographical List of Russian Prefixes
 Amateur callsign system in Russia -- Geographical List of Russian Prefixes, 
R0 	Asiatic Russia
R1 	European Russia
R1AN 	Antarctica
R1FJ 	Franz Jo Land
R1MV 	Malyj Vysotskij
R2 	Kaliningrad
R3 	European Russia
R4 	European Russia
R5 	European Russia
R6 	European Russia
R7 	Asiatic Russia
R8 	Asiatic Russia
R9 	Asiatic Russia
RA0 	Asiatic Russia
RA1 	European Russia
RA2 	Kaliningrad
RA4 	European Russia
RA5 	European Russia
RA6 	European Russia
RA7 	Asiatic Russia
RA8 	Asiatic Russia
RA9 	Asiatic Russia
RB0 	Asiatic Russia
RB1 	European Russia
RB2 	Kaliningrad
RB3 	European Russia
RB4 	European Russia
RB5 	European Russia
RB6 	European Russia
RB7 	Asiatic Russia
RB8 	Asiatic Russia
RB9 	Asiatic Russia
RC0 	Asiatic Russia
RC1 	European Russia
RC2 	Kaliningrad
RC3 	European Russia
RC4 	European Russia
RC5 	European Russia
RC6 	European Russia
RC7 	Asiatic Russia
RC8 	Asiatic Russia
RC9 	Asiatic Russia
RD0 	Asiatic Russia
RD1 	European Russia
RD2	Kaliningrad
RD3 	European Russia
RD4 	European Russia
RD5 	European Russia
RD6 	European Russia
RD7 	Asiatic Russia
RD8 	Asiatic Russia
RD9 	Asiatic Russia
RE0 	Asiatic Russia
RE1 	European Russia
RE2 	Kaliningrad
RE3 	European Russia
RE4 	European Russia
RE5 	European Russia
RE6 	European Russia
RE7 	Asiatic Russia
RE8 	Asiatic Russia
RE9 	Asiatic Russia
RF0 	Asiatic Russia
RF1 	European Russia
RF2 	Kaliningrad
RF3 	European Russia
RF4 	European Russia
RF5 	European Russia
RF6 	European Russia
RF7 	Asiatic Russia
RF8 	Asiatic Russia
RF9 	Asiatic Russia
RG1 	European Russia
RG2 	Kaliningrad
RG3 	European Russia
RG4 	European Russia
RG5 	European Russia
RG6 	European Russia
RG7 	Asiatic Russia
RG8 	Asiatic Russia
RG9 	Asiatic Russia
RH0 	Asiatic Russia
RH1 	European Russia
RH2 	Kaliningrad
RH3 	European Russia
RH4 	European Russia
RH5 	European Russia
RH6 	European Russia
RH7 	Asiatic Russia
RH8 	Asiatic Russia
RH9 	Asiatic Russia
RI0 	Asiatic Russia
RI1 	European Russia
RI2 	Kaliningrad
RI3 	European Russia
RI4 	European Russia
RI5 	European Russia
RI6 	European Russia
RI7 	Asiatic Russia
RI8 	Asiatic Russia
RI9 	Asiatic Russia
RJ0 	Asiatic Russia
RJ1 	European Russia
RJ2 	Kaliningrad
RJ3 	European Russia
RJ4 	European Russia
RJ5 	European Russia
RJ6 	European Russia
RJ7 	Asiatic Russia
RJ8 	Asiatic Russia
RJ9 	Asiatic Russia
RK0 	Asiatic Russia
RK1 	European Russia
RK2 	Kaliningrad
RK3 	European Russia
RK4 	European Russia
RK5 	European Russia
RK6 	European Russia
RK7 	Asiatic Russia
RK8 	Asiatic Russia
RK9 	Asiatic Russia
RL0 	Asiatic Russia
RL1 	European Russia
RL2 	Kaliningrad
RL3 	European Russia
RL4 	European Russia
RL5 	European Russia
RL6 	European Russia
RL7 	Asiatic Russia
RL8 	Asiatic Russia
RL9 	Asiatic Russia
RM0 	Asiatic Russia
RM1 	European Russia
RM2 	Kaliningrad
RM3 	European Russia
RM4 	European Russia
RM5 	European Russia
RM6 	European Russia
RM7 	Asiatic Russia
RM8 	Asiatic Russia
RM9 	Asiatic Russia
RN0 	Asiatic Russia
RN1 	European Russia
RN2 	Kaliningrad
RN3 	European Russia
RN4 	European Russia
RN5 	European Russia
RN6 	European Russia
RN7 	Asiatic Russia
RN8 	Asiatic Russia
RN9 	Asiatic Russia
RO0 	Asiatic Russia
RO1 	European Russia
RO2 	Kaliningrad
RO3 	European Russia
RO4 	European Russia
RO5 	European Russia
RO6 	European Russia
RO7 	Asiatic Russia
RO8 	Asiatic Russia
RO9 	Asiatic Russia
RP0 	Asiatic Russia
RP1 	European Russia
RP2 	Kaliningrad
RP3 	European Russia
RP4 	European Russia
RP5 	European Russia
RP6 	European Russia
RP7 	Asiatic Russia
RP8 	Asiatic Russia
RP9 	Asiatic Russia
RQ0 	Asiatic Russia
RQ1 	European Russia
RQ2 	Kaliningrad
RQ3 	European Russia
RQ4 	European Russia
RQ5 	European Russia
RQ6 	European Russia
RQ7 	Asiatic Russia
RQ8 	Asiatic Russia
RQ9 	Asiatic Russia
RR0 	Asiatic Russia
RR1 	European Russia
RR2 	Kaliningrad
RR3 	European Russia
RR4 	European Russia
RR5 	European Russia
RR6 	European Russia
RR7 	Asiatic Russia
RR8 	Asiatic Russia
RR9 	Asiatic Russia
RS0 	Asiatic Russia
RS1 	European Russia
RS2 	Kaliningrad
RS3     European Russia
RS4     European Russia
RS5 	European Russia
RS6 	European Russia
RS7 	Asiatic Russia
RS8 	Asiatic Russia
RS9 	Asiatic Russia
RT0 	Asiatic Russia
RT1 	European Russia
RT2 	Kaliningrad
RT3 	European Russia
RT4 	European Russia
RT5 	European Russia
RT6 	European Russia
RT7 	Asiatic Russia
RT8 	Asiatic Russia
RT9 	Asiatic Russia
RU0 	Asiatic Russia
RU1 	European Russia
RU2 	Kaliningrad
RU3 	European Russia
RU4 	European Russia
RU5 	European Russia
RU6 	European Russia
RU7 	Asiatic Russia
RU8 	Asiatic Russia
RU9 	Asiatic Russia
RV0 	Asiatic Russia
RV1 	European Russia
RV2 	Kaliningrad
RV3 	European Russia
RV4 	European Russia
RV5 	European Russia
RV6 	European Russia
RV7 	Asiatic Russia
RV8 	Asiatic Russia
RV9 	Asiatic Russia
RW0 	Asiatic Russia
RW1 	European Russia
RW2 	Kaliningrad
RW3 	European Russia
RW4 	European Russia
RW5 	European Russia
RW6 	European Russia
RW7 	Asiatic Russia
RW8 	Asiatic Russia
RW9 	Asiatic Russia
RX0 	Asiatic Russia
RX1 	European Russia
RX2 	Kaliningrad
RX3 	European Russia
RX4 	European Russia
RX5 	European Russia
RX6 	European Russia
RX7 	Asiatic Russia
RX8 	Asiatic Russia
RX9 	Asiatic Russia
RY0 	Asiatic Russia
RY1 	European Russia
RY2 	Kaliningrad
RY3 	European Russia
RY4 	European Russia
RY5 	European Russia
RY6 	European Russia
RY7 	Asiatic Russia
RY8 	Asiatic Russia
RY9 	Asiatic Russia
RZ0 	Asiatic Russia
RZ1 	European Russia
RZ2 	Kaliningrad
RZ3 	European Russia
RZ4 	European Russia
RZ5 	European Russia
RZ6 	European Russia
RZ7 	Asiatic Russia
RZ8 	Asiatic Russia
RZ9 	Asiatic Russia
S0 	Western Sahara
S2 	Bangladesh
S3 	Bangladesh
S4 	South Africa
S5 	Slovenia
S7 	Seychelles
S8 	South Africa
S9 	Sao Tome
SI 	Sweden
SJ 	Sweden
SK 	Sweden
SL 	Sweden
SM 	Sweden
SN 	Poland
SO 	Poland
SP 	Poland
SQ	Poland
ST 	Sudan
ST0 	Southern Sudan
SU 	Egypt
SV 	Greece
SV/A 	Mount Athos
SV5 	Dodecanese
SV9 	Crete
SW 	Greece
SW5 	Dodecanese
SW9 	Crete
SX 	Greece
SX5 	Dodecanese
SX9 	Crete
SY 	Mount Athos
T2 	Tuvalu
T3 	Banaba Is
T3 	Central Kiribati
T3 	East Kiribati
T3 	West Kiribati
T30 	West Kiribati
T31 	Central Kiribati
T32 	East Kiribati
T33 	Banaba Is
T4 	Cuba
T5 	Somalia
T6 	Afghanistan
T7 	San Marino
T8 	So Africa
T88     Belau (Palau)(KC6)
T9 	Bosnia Herzegovina
TA 	Turkey
TD 	Guatemala
TE 	Costa Rica
TF 	Iceland
TG 	Guatemala
TH 	France
TI 	Costa Rica
TI9 	Cocos Is
TJ 	Cameroon
TK 	Corsica
TL 	Central Africa Rep
TM 	France/Europe (Outside France) mostly used during contests.
This is a generic special call French prefix. Issued for 2 weeks
maximum. Check QSL Routes at URL: Page2.html
TN 	Congo
TO 	France (Outside France) -- TO is for DOM (Departements d'outre-mer)
TO2000 (FG - NA102)station will be on the air from december 18th to
january 4th. QSL routes is TO2000 via ON4LCE for this one.
TO5M 	St. Pierre Miquelon (Typical Assignment)
TQ 	France
TR 	Gabon
TT 	Chad
TU 	Ivory Coast
TV 	France
TW 	France
TX 	France -- TX is for TOM (Territoires d'outre-mer)
TY 	Benin
TZ 	Mali
 Territories, Prefixes, Suffixes and Zones of the Former USSR -- A Must See
 Russia Prefixes, Suffixes and Zones -- A Must See
U0 	Asiatic Russia
U1 	European Russia
U2 	Kaliningrad
U3 	European Russia
U4 	European Russia
U5 	Ukraine
U6 	European Russia
U7 	Asiatic Russia
U8 	Asiatic Russia
U9 	Asiatic Russia
UA0 	Asiatic Russia
UA2 	Kaliningrad
UA9 	Asiatic Russia
UB0 	Asiatic Russia
UB1 	European Russia
UB2 	Kaliningrad
UB3 	European Russia
UB4 	European Russia
UB5 	European Russia
UB6 	European Russia
UB7 	Asiatic Russia
UB8 	Asiatic Russia
UB9 	Asiatic Russia
UC0 	Asiatic Russia
UC1 	European Russia
UC2 	Kaliningrad
UC3 	European Russia
UC4 	European Russia
UC5 	European Russia
UC6 	European Russia
UC7 	Asiatic Russia
UC8 	Asiatic Russia
UC9 	Asiatic Russia
UD0 	Asiatic Russia
UD1 	European Russia
UD2 	Kaliningrad
UD3 	European Russia
UD4 	European Russia
UD5 	European Russia
UD6 	European Russia
UD7 	Asiatic Russia
UD8 	Asiatic Russia
UD9 	Asiatic Russia
UE0 	Asiatic Russia
UE1 	European Russia
UE2 	Kaliningrad
UE3 	European Russia
UE4 	European Russia
UE5 	European Russia
UE6 	European Russia
UE7 	Asiatic Russia
UE8 	Asiatic Russia
UE9 	Asiatic Russia
UF0 	Asiatic Russia
UF1 	European Russia
UF2 	Kaliningrad
UF3 	European Russia
UF4 	European Russia
UF5 	European Russia
UF6 	European Russia
UF7 	Asiatic Russia
UF8 	Asiatic Russia
UF9 	Asiatic Russia
UG1 	European Russia
UG3 	European Russia
UG4 	European Russia
UG5 	European Russia
UG6 	European Russia
UH0 	Asiatic Russia
UH1 	European Russia
UH2 	Kaliningrad
UH3 	European Russia
UH4 	European Russia
UH5 	European Russia
UH6 	European Russia
UH7 	Asiatic Russia
UH8 	Asiatic Russia
UH9 	Asiatic Russia
UI0 	Asiatic Russia
UI1 	European Russia
UI2 	Kaliningrad
UI3 	European Russia
UI4 	European Russia
UI5 	European Russia
UI6 	European Russia
UI7 	Asiatic Russia
UI8 	Asiatic Russia
UI9 	Asiatic Russia
UJ 	Uzbekistan
UK 	Uzbekistan
UL 	Uzbekistan
UM 	Uzbekistan
UN 	Kazakhstan
UO 	Kazakhstan
UP 	Kazakhstan
UQ 	Kazakhstan
UR 	Ukraine
US 	Ukraine
UT 	Ukraine
UU 	Ukraine
UV 	Ukraine
UW 	Ukraine
UX 	Ukraine
UY 	Ukraine
UZ 	Ukraine
V2 	Antigua
V3 	Belize
V4 	St Kitts
V5 	Namibia
V50 	Namibia
V51 	Namibia
V6 	Fed Micronesia
V63 	Fed Micronesia
V7 	Marshall Is
V73 	Marshall Is
V8 	Brunei
V85 	Brunei
VA 	Canada
VB 	Canada
VC 	Canada
VD 	Canada
VE1 	New Brunswick
VE1 	Nova Scotia
VE2 	Quebec
VE3 	Ontario
VE4 	Manitoba
VE5 	Saskatchewan
VE6 	Alberta 
VE7 	British Columbia
VE8 	Yukon
VF 	Canada
VG 	Canada
VH 	Australia
VI 	Australia
VJ 	Australia
VK0 	Heard Is
VK0 	Macquarie Is
VK0/H 	Heard Is 
VK0/M 	Macquarie Is 
VK1 	Australia
VK2 	Australia
VK3 	Australia
VK4 	Australia
VK5 	Australia
VK6 	Australia
VK7 	Australia
VK8 	Australia
VK9 	Christmas Is
VK9 	Cocos Keeling
VK9/H	Lord Howe
VK9/N 	Norfolk Is 
VK9/W 	Willis Is 
VK9/X 	Christmas Is 
VK9/Y 	Cocos Keeling 
VK9/Z 	Mellish Reef 
VK9C 	Cocos Keeling
VK9KC Cocos Keeling
VK9KL Lord Howe Is
VK9KM Mellish Reef
VK9KN Norfolk Is
VK9KW Willis Is
VK9KX Christmas Is
VK9L 	Lord Howe Is
VK9M 	Mellish Reef
VK9N 	Norfolk Is
VK9NC Cocos Keeling
VK9NL Lord Howe Is
VK9NM Mellish Reef
VK9NN Norfolk Is
VK9NW Willis Is
VK9NX Christmas Is
VK9W 	Willis Is
VK9X 	Christmas Is
VK9ZC 	Cocos Keeling
VK9ZL 	Lord Howe Is
VK9ZM Mellish Reef
VK9ZN 	Norfolk Is
VK9ZW Willis Is
VK9ZX 	Christmas Is
VL 	Australia
VM 	Australia
VN 	Australia
VO 	Canada
VO1 	Newfoundland
VO2 	Labrador
VP2E 	Anguilla
VP2M 	Montserrat
VP2V 	Brit Virg Isle
VP5 	Turks Caicos
VP6 	Pitcairn (New)
 Pitcairn Island Home Page with New VP6 Ham Calls and Skeds -- A Must See
VP8/F 	Falkland Is
VP8/G 	So Georgia
VP8/O 	So Orkney
VP8/SA So Sandwich
VP8/SH So Shetland
VP9 	Bermuda
VQ9 	Chagos
VRA-VRZ  Now China
VR2 	Hong Kong
VR6 	Was Pitcairn Is -- Now China -- See VP6 For new Pitcairn Is Prefix
VS6 	Hong Kong
VT 	India
VU 	India
VU4 	Andaman Is
VU7 	Laccadive Is
VV 	India
VW 	India
VX 	Canada
VY 	Canada
VY1 	Yukon
VY2 	Prince Edward Is
VY9 	Prince Edward Is
VZ 	Australia
W 	United States
W0 	Colorado
W0 	Iowa
W0 	Kansas
W0 	Minnesota
W0	Missouri
W0 	Nebraska
W0 	North Dakota
W0 	South Dakota
W1 	Connecticut
W1 	Maine
W1 	Massachusetts
W1 	New Hampshire
W1 	Rhode Island
W1 	Vermont
W2 	New Jersey
W2 	New York
W3 	D.C. 
W3 	Delaware
W3 	Maryland
W3 	Pennsylvania
W4 	Alabama
W4 	Florida
W4 	Georgia
W4 	Kentucky
W4 	North Carolina
W4 	South Carolina
W4 	Tennessee
W4 	Virginia
W5 	Arkansas
W5 	Louisiana
W5 	Mississippi
W5 	New Mexico
W5 	Oklahoma
W5 	Texas
W6 	California
W7 	Arizona
W7 	Idaho
W7 	Montana
W7 	Nevada
W7 	Oregon
W7 	Utah
W7 	Washington
W7 	Wyoming
W8 	Michigan
W8 	Ohio
W8 	West Virginia
W9 	Illinois
W9 	Indiana
W9 	Wisconsin
WA-WZ United States
WH0 	Mariana Is
WH1 	Baker Howland
WH2 	Guam
WH3 	Johnston Is
WH4 	Midway Is
WH5 	Palmyra Is
WH5K 	Kingman Reef
WH6 	Hawaii
WH7K 	Kure Is
WH8 	American Samoa
WH9 	Wake Is
WL 	Alaska
WP1 	Navassa Is
WP2 	Virgin Is
WP3 	Puerto Rico
WP4 	Puerto Rico
WP5 	Desecheo Is
X5      Bosnia Herzegovina (Unofficial???)
XA 	Mexico
XB 	Mexico
XC 	Mexico
XD 	Mexico
XE 	Mexico
XF 	Mexico
XF0 	Revilla Gigedo
XF4 	Revilla Gigedo
XG 	Mexico
XH 	Mexico
XJ 	Canada
XK 	Canada
XL 	Canada
XM 	Canada
XN 	Canada
XO 	Canada
XP 	Denmark
XQ 	Chile
XQ0X 	San Felix
XQ0Y 	Easter Island
XQ0Z 	Juan Fernandez
XR 	Chile
XR0Y 	Easter Island
XR0Z 	Easter Island
XS 	China
XT 	Burkina Faso
XU 	Kampuchea
XV 	Vietnam
XW 	Laos
XX 	Macao
XY 	Burma
XZ 	Burma
Y2 	Germany
Y3 	Germany
Y4 	Germany
Y5 	Germany
Y6 	Germany
Y7 	Germany
Y8 	Germany
Y9 	Germany
Y90 	Antarctica
YA 	Afghanistan
YB 	Indonesia
YC 	Indonesia
YD 	Indonesia
YE 	Indonesia
YF 	Indonesia
YG 	Indonesia
YH 	Indonesia
YI 	Iraq
YJ 	Vanuatu
YK 	Syria
YL 	Latvia
YM 	Turkey
YN 	Nicaragua
YO 	Romania
YP 	Romania
YQ 	Romania
YR 	Romania
YS 	El Salvador
YT 	Yugoslavia
YT1 	Yugoslavia
YT4 	Bosnia Herzegovina
YT5 	Macedonia
YT6 	Yugoslavia
YT7 	Yugoslavia
YT8 	Yugoslavia
YU 	Yugoslavia
YU1 	Yugoslavia
YU4 	Bosnia Herzegovina
YU5 	Macedonia
YU6 	Yugoslavia
YU7 	Yugoslavia
YU8 	Yugoslavia
YV 	Venezuela
YV0 	Aves Is
YW 	Venezuela
YX 	Venezuela
YX0 	Aves Is
YY 	Venezuela
YZ 	Yugoslavia
YZ4 	Bosnia Herzegovina
YZ5 	Macedonia
Z2 	Zimbabwe
Z3 	Macedonia
ZA 	Albania
ZB 	Gibraltar
ZC4 	UK Soverign Base
ZD7 	St Helena
ZD8 	Ascension Is
ZD9 	Tristan Da Cunha
ZE	Zimbabwe
ZF 	Cayman Is
ZK1/N 	No Cook Is
ZK1/S 	So Cook Is
ZK2 	Niue Is
ZK3 	Tokelaus
ZL 	New Zealand
ZL0 	Antarctica Scott
ZL5 	Antarctica Scott
ZL7 	Chatham Is
ZL8 	Kermadec Is
ZL9 	Auckland Campbell 
ZM 	New Zealand
ZM7 	Chatham Is
ZM8 	Kermadec Is
ZM9 	Auckland Campbell
ZP 	Paraguay
ZS 	So Africa
ZS2 	Marion Is
ZS3 	Namibia
ZS8 	Marion Is
ZS9 	Walvis Bay
ZU 	So Africa
ZV 	Brazil
ZW 	Brazil
ZX 	Brazil
ZX0F 	Fer De Noronha
ZX0S 	Peter Paul Rocks
ZX0T 	Trindade
ZY 	Brazil
ZY0F 	Fer De Noronha
ZY0S 	Peter Paul Rocks
ZY0T 	Trindade
ZZ 	Brazil
ZZ0F 	Fer De Noronha
ZZ0S 	Peter Paul Rocks
ZZ0T 	Trindade


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