Jim Nitzberg Tells
                                    The WX3B Story
Revised:  December 31, 2003
I have been fascinated with all kinds of radios since I was a young child.  I worked my way up from transistor short wave radios, to tube FM broadcast receivers, to CB rigs to Amateur Radio.  You can read my progression on http://www.qrz.com/wx3b.
In 1998 I joined the Potomac Valley Radio Club PVRC:  http://www.pvrc.org  and became very interested in contesting.    My interest in Multi-User contesting got started by operating frequently at Bob Morris's Super Station, W4MYA in Goochland, VA.  Seeing a single room with 11 working radios connected to 11 amplifiers (and 11 networked computers) was just too much excitement to describe!
Bob invested many hours teaching, coaching, and helping me...and he inadvertently invested some money in new equipment for his station because of my exuberance.  With the knowledge and experience gained at W4MYA - I decided it was time to begin an effort of building a competitive station at my home in Manchester, MD.
Several friends have been instrumental in helping build and maintain WX3B.  Steve Beckman, N3SB is constantly visiting and fixing things up.   He is a major contributor in both time and equipment.  My entire 15 meter operating position, featuring an Icom 781, Drake L4B amplifier and re-built Pentium PC have been on a long term loan from Steve.  David Collingham, K3LP has been assisting with antenna installations, operations and general consulting regarding our contest efforts.  Steve Sluz, NY3A taught me how to handle the installation of our AB/577 towers and was at the center of our Blizzard of 2000 AB/577 installation.  John Chesley, AK3Z is a frequent operator and loans me his call sign so my QSL duty isn't too harsh.
I have also drawn on the vast array of information from Frank Donovan, W3LPL - who runs what I would consider the best Multi-Operator, Multi-Transmitter contest station in the world.   His team is top notch, and his installation is second to none.  Although I have a long way to go before being able to compete with Frank - I have learned that some very simple antennas and modest heights do quite well in my installations.  My two element monoband  Quads in use were picked based on Frank's coaching.   Here is a nice picture of Frank's station with 4 200 foot towers!
Over the years I hope to purchase a new home with at least 5 Acres of land.  After I'm in the house long enough to save up some money - the towers will start growing, and I hope that WX3B will become a true competitor in the Multi-Multi contesting arena.
Thanks to all of you who contact me in rag chew and contest modes. 
73 & see you in the pileups....
Jim Nitzberg and Team WX3B