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REPEATER: 147.270+, with a PL Tone of 131.8 W1IDX

SUNDAY NIGHT NET AT 8:00 PM ON 147.270+, with a PL Tone of 131.8 W1IDX


SIMPLEX: 146.490

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This page updated October 2, 2005, with the OCTOBER 2005 newsletter.

W1IDX Repeater Group:

As an alternative, don't forget to use any of the W1IDX repeaters.

147.045+, with a PL Tone of 131.8.

147.585 Simplex (224.740- Link) with a PL Tone of 131.8.

224.740-, with a PL Tone of 127.3

444.350+, with a PL Tone of 127.3

W1IDX Repeater Group. Serving Wayne County Amateurs.

Thanks to Mike Chambers, W1IDX.


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Pictures of the Emergency Generator and Trailer and the group that raised the money later on this page, after the CURRENT newsletter


President Ron Stier W9ICZ 939-9183

Vice-President Mike Chamers W1IDX 962-4975

Secretary Steve Shank KB9HQX 962-4163

Treasurer Don Cook K9GT 855-3909


The latest Indiana Section News is posted on the ARRL's website.

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DON'T FORGET THE MEETING: The club's October meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11, 2005, at 7:00 PM at the American Red Cross, 1417 North A Street. (Please use the two front doors facing North A Street.)

Birthday Wishes: Leon Jobe, KD8BO, on the 9th; Don Ashbaugh, KB9UH, on the 14th; Karen Addleman, N9YOT, on the 22nd; Mike Todd, KB9ICN, on the 24th; Herb McAdams, N9XC, on the 25th: Cliff Rummel, W9LCE, on the 27th & Mike Laboyteaux, on the 30th.

Associate Birthdays: None that I know of for October.

License Exams: On the 1st at the Hartwell Presbyterian Church, 210 Parkway Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio at 8:30 AM, (7:30 AM, Indiana Time.), on the 8th at the Huber Heights Public Library, 6160 Chambersburg Road, Huber Heights, Ohio and on the 15th at 9:00 AM, at the Peace Lutheran Church, 701 West 3rd Street, Connersville, Indiana.

Elections: Elections for Club Officers will be held during our October Meeting on the 11th. Nominations will be taken from the floor, prior to the election. Those nominated so far are for Treasurer, Don Cook, K9GT; for Secretary, Steve Shank, KB9HQX; for Vice-President, Mike Chambers, W1IDX and for President, Ron Stier, W9ICZ. Please attend the meeting and nominate and vote for the candidate of your choice.

WWVARC.ORG: Joe Davis, KB9WNM, has been hard at work getting the "Unofficial Site" up and running again. It's running now, better than ever. If you get a chance, thank Joe for all of the hard work he's done to get it going. There's a place on the site where you can send Joe your comments under "Bulletin Board".

Buster's Repeater: Buster Webb, KG9ND, has his repeater on the air. It's still in the construction phase. The frequency is 147.345. He's busy getting it tweaked, obtaining a new antenna, raising the height of the antenna, etc. It's located in Northwestern Wayne County. If you hear Buster on the air "testing", get on and give him a signal report.

Mark Your Calendar: QCWA Chapter 205, Breakfast Meeting at Carver's Family Restaurant, 2270 Chester Boulevard at 8:00 AM, on Saturday, October 15th. (White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club members are welcome.)

Mark Your Calendar: White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club-VE Team Test Session on Saturday, November 5, 2005 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon at the American Red Cross, 1417 North A Street.

Mark Your Calendar: Indiana Section ARRL Convention and Fort Wayne Hamfest will be held on November 19th & 20th at the Allen County Coliseum in Fort Wayne.

Reminder: Club members meet at J's II Restaurant, 850 South N Street, on Thursday afternoons at 2:00 PM. Stop by for coffee and good fellowship.

Here are The Minutes of Our Last Meeting:


Minutes from September 13, 2005

American Red Cross

The September 13th, meeting was called to order by club President Ron Stier, W9ICZ. There were a total of 22 members and guests present, answering the roll call.

Devotions and the Pledge of Allegiance were given.

The secretary's report for August as printed in the September edition of the club newsletter was approved.

The treasurer's report was approved.

Announcements that were made during the meeting:

1.1. Cliff Rummel, W9LCE, brought a guest from New Creations Bible College. A young man by the name of Robert Mongala, who hails from Kenya, East Africa. Robert has an interest in electronics and would like to obtain an Amateur License.

1.2. Another guest in attendance at the meeting was Jim Everhart, a former ham. He is interested in getting a Ham Radio License once again and getting back into the hobby.

1.3. Jeff Norris, KB9ZJV, gave a presentation on Scouting and Amateur Radio. He told about JOTA, Jamboree on the Air, which started in 1958. Jamboree on the Air is held during the third weekend of October, being on the 16th & 17th, this year.

1.4. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, thanked the following club members for helping to label donation buckets for the Red Cross, to be used for collecting donations for Hurricane Katrina Relief: Don Honenberger, KA6OSI; Leon Jobe, KD8BO; Wayne Kluseman, WA8KAZ & Herb McAdams, N9XC.

1.5. Herb McAdams, N9XC, presented a 50th Anniversary Award from the Quarter Century Wireless Association to John Strain, W9MIU, for being a licensed ham for 50 years.

1.6. Herb McAdams, N9XC, presented the 2004 QCWA Presidential Honor Award from the Eastern Indiana Chapter 205 of the QCWA to Ron Stier, W9ICZ.

1.7. Charles Philhower, WA9KZC, read a few lines from the ARRL Letter praising Amateur Radio Operators and the roll that Amateurs played during the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

1.8. Mike Chambers, W1IDX, told about quarterly newsletters originating locally for SATERN, The Sentinel; for QCWA, The Pipe & Key and for ARES, The Responder. Mike would like help with these quarterly publications.

1.9. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, praised Mike Chambers, W1IDX, for his extra efforts, in regards to our club.

1.10. Mike Chambers, W1IDX, reminded everyone that it was Ed Anderson, N9NEI's birthday.


There was no Old Business to take care of as of meeting night.

New Business:

1.1. Charles Philhower, WA9KZC, said that the HF Dipole Antenna at the Red Cross needs a little more work, as to shortening the ends, etc. Charles said that he would like for several members to get together to take care of this.

1.2. Herb McAdams, N9XC, suggested that the club participate in JOTA, Jamboree on the Air, this year on October 16th & 17th. Jeff Norris, KB9ZJV, would serve as coordinator between the club and area scouts. Members were in favor of participating in this event.

1.3. Nominations for club officers were taken, with the election to be held during the October meeting, on the 11th.

A)A) For Treasurer: Don Cook, K9GT.

A)B) For Secretary: Steve Shank, KB9HQX.

A)C) For Vice-President: Mike Chambers, W1IDX.

A)D) For President: Ron Stier, W9ICZ.

B)Nominations will also be taken from the floor prior to the election in October.

1.4. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, asked for someone to volunteer to give the program at our October meeting, on the 11th. Leon Jobe, KD8BO, volunteered to give the program. The topic will be Computers.

1.5. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, said that between October 1st & December 1st, SET, Simulated Emergency Training would be held. Probably what would happen, would be that Ron will make a call on the 147.270+ Repeater, stating that we are having a Simulated Emergency Training Session. Ron will then call for an operator to come to the Red Cross, the hospital and somewhere else in the community. Some form of a Simulated Emergency Message will be passed along to one of the operators, to be forwarded along to the other two, to see if the message was passed correctly.

1.6. Herb McAdams, N9XC, would like for the club to do a Special Event Station in conjunction with Richmond's Bicentennial, since we no longer have the McMaze. Members expressed an interest in this and will contact the Bicentennial Officials to let them know of our interest.


Drawing was held.

Meeting was adjourned.

Here's The Treasurer's Report from Our Last Meeting: Not available as of press time.

"The Best Amateur Radio Club in Richmond."

Serving the Whitewater Valley since 1974.

The White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is an ARRL affiliated club.

The White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club-VE Team.

Support your club & attend a meeting.

Club Callsign: N9JM

Repeater: 147.270+, with a PL Tone of 131.8 -W1IDX

146.490 Simplex

W1IDX Repeater Group:

147.045+, with a PL Tone of 131.8

147.270+, with a PL Tone of 131.8

147.585 Simplex (224.740- Link) with a PL Tone of 131.8

224.740-, with a PL Tone of 127.3

444.350+, with a PL Tone of 127.3

W1IDX Repeater Group. Serving Wayne County Amateurs.

Thanks to Mike Chambers, W1IDX.

EchoLink 146.460 Simplex

Thanks to Jeff Norris, KB9ZJV.

73 - Your Newsletter Staff - Steve, KB9HQX.

Jim Scherer, K9UGX, mails our club newsletter.

He also maintains the web page at and the
mirror site at
A big thanks to Jim.


Here are pictures of the EMERGENCY POWER trailer, generator and N9KM, N9KL,KB9HM

emergency trailer

Here are pictures of the trailer, generator and N9KM, N9KL,KB9HM

emergency generater



Written by Herb McAdams, N9XC formerly KB9HM in the spring of 200l.

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REPEATER: 147.270+ SIMPLEX: 146.490

Club Net: Beginning this month, July, 2004, we will no longer have a Thursday Night Net. The club decided to combine it with the J's Sunday Night Net, which will be on the club repeater at 8:00 PM. So remember, Sunday nights at 8:00 PM on the club repeater, N9JM, 147.270+.

The club meets once a month, on the second Tuesday.

This picture is from the meeting June 12, 2001 at the Red Cross Building

Meeting June 12, 2001

photo by Buster Webb


If you would like more information about our club or amateur radio, feel free to contact any of the above officers at their home phone numbers or send email to Jim Scherer at [email protected]

comments to webmaster, Jim K9UGX are welcome click here

This page updated October 2,2005, with the OCTOBER 2005 newsletter.