*** USS Cassin Young Sea Trial ***

*** USS Constitution Turnaround ***

USS Cassin Young USS Constitution USS Chaffee
USS Cassin Young, DD 793, WW2DD USS Constitution, IX 21, N1S USS Chafee, DDG 90, an Arleigh Burke Class destroyer. Thanks to Commander Ailes, the ship's captain, for the picture.

On October 11th, 2003 the USS Constitution, the United States oldest commissioned warship, and the USS Cassin Young, a destroyer museum ship, got underway in Boston Harbor. These two historic warships were towed out past Castle Island where they met the USS Chaffee, DDG-90, a modern Arleigh Burke class destroyer. When they passed Castle Island, the cannon battery at Fort Indpendance fired a 17 gun salute and the USS Constiltution fired a 21 gun salute. Then the USS Constitution and USS Cassin Young went back to thier berths at the CHarlestown Navy Yard.
The USS Cassin Young Radio Club, with help from the USS Salem Radio Club, operated a HAM radio station on the USS Constitution (N1S), USS Cassin Young (WW2DD), Charlestown Navy Yard pier (N1B), and Fort Independance (K1RB). Many museum ships were in the air that weekend including the USS Salem (K1USN) in Quincy, MA. Most of the operators at this event were members of the USS Salem Radio Club.

USS Constitution, N1S

N1S USS Constitution W1QWT and Lt. Marks
Left to right; Pi, K1RV on HF, Andy, KB1IPW,
and Bob, W1QWT, on 2 meters
Bob, W1QWT and Lt. Marks, XO of the Constitution

Bob and CMDR WRIGHT colors
Bob thanking the Captain,
CMDR. Wright
------- Karl, NS1N watching "colors".

We made over 300 QSO's and worked over 20 countries. We operated on 2 meters, 20 meter SSb, and 40 meter AM.

USS Cassin Young, WW2DD, underway

AA1M operating K1RMC on wx bridge
AA1M operating in Radio Central K1RMC on the weather bridge

KC1HO taking video. W1USN on the 01 level.

Boston Fireboat Castle Island
Boston Fireboat with the Constitution and Chafee in the background Fort Independance on Castle Island.

Boston Navy Yard, N1B
HAMS on Watch: W1YR, K9HI, KB1GIS, N1BSO

Operator W1YR Operator K9HI
W1YR operating HF from the Kiosk on
the pier.
K9HI operating HF in the Kiosk on the pier.

KB1GIS taking sitreps on 146.52 CDR Robert L. Gillen USN (Ret.). operating HF
CDR Gillen, a ham, was also the 54th
Commanding Officer of USS Constitution.

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