*** USS Cassin Young Tour ***

Cassin Young outline

Most ships called the place they "drove" the ship from a Pilot House but on Navy ships it is called the "Bridge". Here is the Bridge looking forward. Helm on left with compass above it and the engine order telegraph is on the right. The Helmsman would turn the helm (wheel) to steer the ship. He would keep it on course by looking at the compass. To his right was where the Engine Order Telegraph watchstander would operate the Engine Order Telegraph. If he got an order from the OOD (Officer of the Deck) to go "all ahead one third make 600 RPMs" then this watch stander would set the Engine order Telegraph to these settings and the Engine Room would "answer up" by setting their Engine Order Telegraph to the same settings.
Bridge looking aft. Ships announcing system, the 1MC, on the left and telephones to damage control stations on the right Alarm controls are also there. The 1 MC was the main announcing system on Navy ships. After revelle you would here, " Now here this, Sweepers, sweepers man your brooms. Give the ship a clean sweep down both fore and aft. Empty all trash over the fantail. Now Sweepers. That is all" The alarms on the bulkhead (wall) include the "Battle Station Alarm" and the "Collision Alarm"

Crews mess looking forward
Crews mess looking aft

Interior Communications (IC ) & PLOT looking aft.
Interior Communications (IC) & PLOT looking forward

One of the crews heads. (Bathrooms)
Forward berthing area for the crew. There are also berthing compartments aft.

The ships store which sold tobaco products, candy, and hygene products.
Typical berthing for officers. Two or three officers to a room depending on rank.

This is the wardroom where the officers ate and hung out.
Here is the CIC (Combat Information Center)

Emergency generator on the 3rd. Platform near the Scullery looking aft.
Looking forward at the generator. The Emergency Generator is 100 KW, and the two Ship's Service Generators are 200 KW each. The SS Generatos have a small DC Generator attached to them to provide DC for the Dead Reckonning System, and some Fire Control Signals.

Forward boiler in the engine room.
Forward switch board in the engine room

Forward engine control in the engine room.
Forward throttle control

Pat Murphy, our guide. They called the guys who worked in the engine room, SNIPES.

Forward Gun Mount 51. This was a single 5 inch 38.
Inside gun mount 51. The webmaster was a hot shell man in a dual 5 inch 38 mount.

Aft Berthing. Look at all those "fart sacks" Navy terminology for a mattress. The complete bed was called a rack.
Looking forward from the mid ships passageway on the port side main deck.

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