*** Radio Three ***

USS Cassin Young

Radio three is also known as emergency radio. It is located off the mid ships passageway under the after stack
on the portside.
It has 1 LOP RAK and RAL receivers, a TCS-12 set, a RED receiver, and a TBL transmitter.
The TBL transmitter was manufactured by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. Baltimore, MD., in 1942.
The power output is 50 watts on AM phone (A3), and 200 watts CW (A1), from 175 to 600 kc and 2000 to 18,100 kc,
100 watts MCW (A2), on 175 to 600 kc. Tubes used are 860's.
The RAL receiver is a Ship-shore, CW, MCW, and phone receiver. The frequency range is 0.3 to 23 mc. in 9 bands.
It is a tuned RF design and had a sensitivity of 2 to 5 microvolts per meter for 6 milliwatts of audio.
The RAK receiver was a super regen, 12-80 kHz receiver.
Also there is a TBX-8 Receiver-Transmitter, 2-5.8 MC Xmt, 2-8 MC Rcv. This is a portable unit to take on
the beach. Only a couple of watts output.

Radio 3 Local Op Position on starboard side of Radio 3 Layout of starboard side of Radio3 aft end of starboard side of radio three

TBL transmitter on port side of Radio 3 Layout of port side of Radio3 TBX portable transceiver in radio three
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