*** Radio Two ***

Radio One Entrance Welcome to Radio Two
You may enter.

Radio two has a Local operating position or LOP's.
It is located just off Radio Central

Radio two is connected directly to Radio one and has one local operating position (LOP's). This position would be manned by the radioman watch supervisor. Located in this space are receivers, a TCS 12 set, a teletype and receiver and transmitter patch panels. This space also has the 1MC, ships announcing system, intercoms, and sound powered phones Also connected to Radio two is a room called "Air Control equipment room". This room houses a TDQ,RCK, and a AN/ARC-1 The TCS set consists of a separate transmitter and receiver. It can operate from 1.5 Mhz to 12 Mhz and has a power output of 25 watts on CW and 10 watts on AM. It is Frequency controlled by VFO and xtal. The TDQ transmitter, originally designed in 1943, was a 45 watt VHF AM/CW transmitter operating in the frequency range of 115 to 156 Mhz. It could operate on one of four crystal controlled channels. The RCK receiver was used with the TDQ and was a crystal controlled, 4 channel VHF aircraft receiver. The AN/ARC-1 was a radio set, airborne, 100-156 Mhz, AM, with a power of 10 watts.

XMT RCV Patch Panel

Receiver/Transmitter patch panel and the door into radio 1

Radio 2 Equipment

Radio 2 Equipment

The RCK listening on 144.425
The TDQ transmitter. Capapble of 45 watts of AM. Will transmit on 144.425 the AM calling frequency.

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