*** Radio One ***

Radio One Entrance Welcome to Radio One
You may enter.

Radio one, or Radio Central, has two Local operating positions or LOP's.
It is located on the 02 level just below and slightly aft of the bridge (pilot house)
All of the ships radio traffic passed through this area. Watch standers would receive
messages here and log them and then they would be distributed by the radioman messenger
Routine traffic would be distributed twice a day and higher priority traffic sooner.
FLASH traffic had the highest priority and IMMEDIATE traffic was the next highest

Located in this space is a SRT-15, 4 RED VHF/UHF receivers and 3 TED VHF/UHF transmitters.
The AN/SRT-15 transmitter covers the MF/HF frequency range of 300 Khz to 26 Mhz
and operates in the AM/CW/FSK/FAX. modes.
This transmitter has a power output of 100/500 watts.
The TED and RED transmitters and receivers are used for ship to air and ship to ship and operate
in the VHF/UHF range depending on the model. These units can operate on either AM or CW
with a power output in the 15 or 30 watt range again depending on the model.

SRT-15 Transmitter
Layout of port side of Radio 1
Radio 1 Local Op Positions on port side of Radio 1

Radio 1 TED's and RED's for VHF/UHF ops
Layout of Radio 1 VHF/UHF equipment looking forward

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