*** USS Chafee Tour Oct. 12th 2003 ***

USS Chafee Boston

The USS Chafee DDG-90 passing Fort Independance at Castle Island, South Boston
on October 11, 2003.

On October 11th, 2003 the USS Chafee participated in the USS Constitution Turnaround and the USS Cassin Young Sea Trials in Boston Harbor.
The picture above shows the USS Chafee heading torwards her berth at the Connelly Pier in South Boston.
On October 12th, 2003 members of the USS Cassin Young Radio Club, USS Salem Radio Club, and members of the
USS Cassin Young crew visited the ship and were given a tour by PO1 Cutchens and CDR Ailes the Captain.

USS Chafee Tour

Q in Caps Chair
W1QWT at the helm of the USS Chafee. Bob, W1QWT sitting in the Captains chair.

Engine Control Room Engine Control
GSMC Asbell telling us about the engines And here Chief Asbell tells us about the monitoring systems..

Helocopter Deck 50 Cal Patrol Boat
One of two Helicopter decks Patrol Boat with 50 cal machine guns guarding the ship..

Passageway Chafee maindeck chafee
athwartships passageway The main deck of the USS Chafee.

W1QWT and Cpt. Ailes USS Chafee Bridge
Bob, W1QWT, thanking Captain Ailes for bringing
us onboard.
Radio Club members being educated.
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