West Virginia

Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Simulated Emergency Test

October 6, 2001


It is Winter 2001, and a 100-year ICE STORM has hit WV over night.

ALL Interstate traffic has been halted by The Governor, and ALL electric service to 75% of the state is out since midnight. The temperature has fallen to 19 degrees F. Travelers are stranded, shelters are needed in every county. Amateurs participating need battery or generator power. Repeater contacts need to be conducted on emergency powered (capable) systems, and HF communications need to be likewise. Remember to identify all simulated messages as "TEST" or "DRILL" , as the public can and does monitor our communications. In light of recent National events, I cannot stress this enough.

The WV EOC will be staffed from 12 NOON until approx 3PM on the 6th. Contacts to the EOC can be made on the HAMTALK Repeater System, 3865 KHz, 7235 KHz, which ever is appropriate. The new WV OES Director (Col. Steve Kappa) is very interested in seeing what Hams can do, and what kind of coverage we can demonstrate.

EC's do NOT have to participate in the Statewide drill, but are encouraged to have a S.E.T. within the month of October, and submit a report to ARRL.

Forms can be obtained here: http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/forms/#ec_set

Mail the forms to the ARRL directly.

EC's and DEC's please send me NTS traffic or email to confirm your participation.




last update:09/27/01

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Call sign


Section Manager

as of Oct 1, 2001

Hal Turley KC8FS [email protected]
Section Emergency Coordinator Mac McMillian W8XF [email protected]
Assistant SEC/SKYWARN Bob Adams N9DMK [email protected]
Assistant SEC/DAREN Ken Harris WA8LLM
Assistant SEC/North Pepper Broad KA8ZOO