WTMRA Digital Darkroom

Photos by Stu Olson - N7QJP

(Photos 1 - 13 taken 3/28/98)


Photo 1 - "I told them the hole had to be 12" to the left, but they just won't listen!

Photo 2 - "Hmmm....did anyone see where that quarter dropped?"

Photo 3 - Joe and George do the West anchor hole!

Photo 4 - Jerry demonstrates the finer points of the "Iron Bar" while Travis leans on the jack hammer

Photo 5 - Clancy stands guard at the remote base entrance

Photo 6 - "Bob, I hate to say it but you are digging in the outhouse hole"

Photo 7 - "How was I suppose to know it was the outhouse hole?  They all look the same!"

Photo 8 - Why is that $65 per day (rental) jack hammer just sitting there?

Photo 9 - The tower hole claims another victim

Photo 10 - Modern ironwork sculpture, ham radio style!

Photo 11 - 3 parts gravel, 2 part sand, 1 part Portland....

Photo 12 - Same recipe, different hole

Photo 13 - I hope the parking brake is set on that pickup!

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