Field Day 1999


Several of the club members gathered at Hutch Mountain for the official Field Day operation.  Those who attended stated that they had a good time and enjoyed the cooler June weather.  Once you get up past 7000', those hot June days are a bit easier to handle.  A big thanks to Tom Jenkins, KC7ADU, for the digital pictures.

This page will take a couple of minutes to load all 6 of the pictures.  Go pour yourself another cup of coffee, let the dog out, and fix that leaky faucet you've been meaning to do for the past 3 months.  When you get done, this page will have loaded by then!


FD001.jpg (91472 bytes)

"CQ Contest, CQ Contest.....K7BB horse trailer mobile,  QRZ contest!"


FD002.jpg (87256 bytes)

Where's the operators at operating position #2?


FD003.jpg (94760 bytes)

Howard checks the "lawn chair to shade tree" ratio.  Lookin' good Howard!


FD004.jpg (95480 bytes)

Another picture of the 2nd operating position....where are those operators?


FD005.jpg (91288 bytes)

Ah huh....found one of the operators.  He must have dropped his contact lens.


FD006.jpg (80536 bytes)

Meanwhile, back at the horse trailer, team #1 continues to rack up those QSOs!