The DSW-20

A pictorial tour


The DSW-20, from Small Wonder Labs, is a digitially synthesized microprocessor controlled CW transceiver. It's another outstanding design in a long line of outstanding designs by Dave Benson, NN1G.

The 20 meter version is the second DSW I have built. I had built the DSW-40 a couple months before, but of course I didn't think to document it at the time. I was just having too much fun building it :). I decided to make an effort to photograph the progress of the 20, however, and here you see the results.

Building It!

First things first, open the package and see what's in it!

DSW-20 Kit

Next, inventory and sort the parts, using the checklist included in the manual.

DSW-20 Inventory

OK, everything is there, so let's do the first phase!

Phase 1

Moving on to Phase 2...

Phase 2

And here's Phase 3...

Phase 3

Phase 4...

Phase 4

Follwoing Phase 4, I did the optional receiver test. The circuit in the Altoids Tin is a VE3DNL marker/generator, another kit, put out by the Arkansas QRP Club. It provides a signal to see if the receiver will pick it up.

Receiver Test

All's well, so I moved on to Phase 5...Oops! I forgot to take a picture of Phase 5 :) So, here's one after Phase 6, the completed transceiver.

Phase 6 - Complete

The first QSO! Here is the DSW-20 spread out all over my operating desk. Everything is hooked up with clip leads. You can see several other pieces of kit built gear in the photo, including a ZM-2 ATU, W9GR DSP-III filter, an LDG DWM-4 digital watt/SWR meter, and my DSW-40 is on top of the Yaesu.

First QSO!