Welcome to the Waynesboro Repeater Association's website. Operating procedures for using the W4PNT Repeater are very straight forward. All users are expected to operate in the manner described in the FCC rules and operating guidelines published in the ARRL Repeater Directory.

Below are some of the courtesy practices we expect of users of the W4PNT Repeater.

Please, clearly identify your station in the manner specified by the FCC.

Allow the repeater time to drop following each transmission and wait 1-2 seconds before keying up again. This allows others to join the conversation and will allow any station with an emergency to break in. Most importantly this will allow the repeaters time out timer, to reset.

The repeater is a place for round-table discussions where each amateur should have an equal chance to participate in the discussion.

Realize that there are a lot of non-hams that listen to the repeater, so please use a language that you would use with someone whom you wish to favorably impress. Offensive or threatening language is inappropriate and violates FCC rules. The membership will not tolerate personal attacks on other repeater users.

Do not acknowledge the presence of malicious interference. Do your best to work around them. Do not talk about interference or inappropriate activities on the air.

Remember, the use of the repeater is a privilege, not a right.
                                                                                                WRAV Officers

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