The RADAR group.

The RACES ARES Disaster Assistance Repeaters (RADAR) group was formed by a team of amateur radio operators dedicated to providing high quality repeater communications for amateurs involved in public service communications or responding to emergency or disaster situations. We are affiliated with Wayne County Emergency Management, Oakland County Office of Homeland Security, and the Michigan State Police 2nd District Emergency Management.

Using the FCC call sign WR8DAR the RADAR group currently operates 2 meter, 440, and 900 Mhz repeaters in various locations in southeast Michigan. We have plans to add a repeater on the 6 meter band as well. Our plans also include linking UHF repeaters for wide-area seamless coverage. Our members individually own all but one of our repeaters, and they have dedicated them to the organization for the benefit of all. 

No membership is required to use the RADAR repeaters so dues are not required. Donations for the maintenance and upgrade of the repeaters are appreciated.  Contact us at [email protected] for information.


Here is a list of our repeaters and their locations:

145.230 -   100 hz tone located in Ann Arbor, a joint operation with the U of M Radio Club

145.330 -   100 hz tone located in downtown Detroit, used for SKYWARN

147.160 +   100 hz tone located in Dearborn, Wayne County RACES

442.800 +   107.2 hz tone located in Dearborn

443.100 +    82.5 hz tone located in Northville

443.125 +   107.2 hz tone with 6M remote located in Westland

443.475 +    88.5 hz tone located in Downtown Detroit

444.075 +    82.5 hz tone located in Ann Arbor

444.100 +    82.5 hz tone located in Milan

444.350 +   103.5 hz tone located in Dearborn

444.425 +   118.8 hz tone located in Milford

444.725 +    D-Star located in Garden City

927.125 -     411 DPL located in Dearborn

927.4875 -  025 DPL located in Milan

927.5875 -  025 DPL located in Ann Arbor



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