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  147.210mhz  tone-127.3 repeater, located in Cerro Punta Jayuya, Puerto Rico


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    Lighthouse Weekend 2007

18 al 19 de Agosto       del 2007


Welcome to my Web site!

This home page is dedicated to My wife Emilia WP4ZX, my sons, Camille, Carlitos, Lorraine, my grandson Jan Carlos and  all my friends in ham radio all over the world.


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Weather: National Weather Service  - San Juan, Puerto Rico

                 Weather Service  -ISLA  de  CUBA

Favorite Links:

bullet The Repeater Builder's
bullet ARRL
bullet PRARL Main Page
bulletNewspapers of the world
bullet Weather Satellite
bullet Tropical Atlantic Imagery
bullet Part 97
bulletFCC Forms
bullet FCC ULS
bulletMotorola Mobil Radios
bullet7J4AAL  5el. 80M Yagy



Photo Album


Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my home town, ham radio, vacations, sporting events, and my family.                                         

Fotos de Actividades de Baul

Ham radio Video

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