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  • Mounting the C-51XR
During the Fall 1999 most of the antennas were assembled and installed.  It did take more time and effort to coordinate this installation than in the past.  The antennas are significantly larger and heavier.  The above picture shows the installation of the Force 12 C-51XR at 102'.  In this picture I am trying to mount the beam and align it to the 80 meter rotary dipole (Force 12 EF-180/B).

WN9O Says Hi

  • Enjoying the rest and scenery
The time required to prep, lift, mount and align was about 2 times longer than expected.  I initial installation of the C-51XR was around 4 hours.  There were periods of break time that were taken to allow me to rest.  The cradle mount used by these magnum antennas are very sturdy, but not as easy to mount on the mast as the "easy-on" mounting plates used in some of the smaller Force 12 yagis.

C-51XR Final Position

  • Force 12 C-51XR at 102'
Mounting the TIC 1032
  • Mounting the TIC Model 1032 Ring Rotor
The original position of the TIC Ring Rotor was around 74' and when the larger antennas were installed the stack spacing had to be increased.  Per Tom's, N6BT, suggestion the 40' seperation was used and the TIC was installed around 62'.  The next problem to overcome was mounting the C-31XR with a 30" element spacing on to the 36" mounting cradle of the TIC Ring.

TIC Ring & C-31XR Mounting

  • Mounting the C-31XR at 62'
The problems associated with mounting the C-31XR (element spacing of 30") to the TIC Ring (cradle mount of 36") was overcome by using the truss assembly.  Two truss pieces were repositioned with 24" spacing, drilled, and mounted on the cradle.  A big thanks to Carl Anderson @ TIC Gen and Tom Schiller @ Force 12 for the assistance....
The tower is only 24" wide at this point, so the elements clear the tower legs when turning (only by a few inches).
A more detailed picture can be viewed of this mounting by clicking:

 <<<<<<  Detailed TIC Ring Mounting. >>>>>>

Actually after the new truss supports were mounted to the TIC Ring, the installation of the C-31XR went very quick.  I might be slightly biased due to the length of the C-51XR antenna :)

Installing the Two High Stack

  • Note the 40' stack seperation
WN9O Two High Stack
  • This picture was taken from the 11th Green (Green Acres Golf Club) behind my house...
WN9O Antenna Stack
The Final Stack Configuration
 Force12 - 144/440ZR  @ 110' ;  Vertical dipole for 144 Mhz and 440 Mhz (Local Cluster antenna)
 Force12 - EF-180/B   @ 107' ;  80 Meter rotary dipole (1 element 68' long)
 Force12 - C-51XR     @ 102' ;  40-10 mtrs w/ seperate feedlines on each band
                             ;  (2 ele 40, 3 ele 20, 4 ele 15, & 7 ele 10 on a 51' boom)
 M2 -  7 ele 220 Mhz  @ 95'  ;  220 antenna fixed on W9ZRX QTH for packet cluster link
 Force12 - C-31XR     @ 62'  ;  20-10 mtrs w/ seperate feedlines on each band
                             ;  (3 ele 20, 4 ele 15, & 7 ele 10 on a 31' boom)
 Force12 - C-3E       @ 38'  ;  20-10 mtrs w/ seperate feedlines on each band
                             ;  (2 ele 20, 3 ele 15, & 4 ele 10 on a 18' boom)
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