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Troy Amateur Radio Association
The worlds very 1st. PSK contest!
This is the 16th Year. Rumble PSK Contest
The 2017 Fall Classic
Contest Manager -  Frank AB2ZO

7th. Oct. '17

00:00 UTC through 24:00 UTC


US: Name and Call Area.  W0 - W9  (not State!)
Canada: Name and Call Area. VE0 - VE9, VO1, VO2, VY0 - VY2
JA0 - JA9
VK0 - VK9
 Name and DXCC country prefix.

Running Rules:

Please read the SWL Special Rules
Run only single transmitter/ single operator. (SO-psk)
Sub modes of the parent mode all count as one mode. ie PSK10, PSK31, PSK63
Entrant must only enter results for one Category. Normal, Great OR Super.
Assisted operation in the form of Packet Spots are allowed.

Operating Categories:
(all Single op)

    Categories Single Operator
    SO-HI 100 Watts MAX.
    SO-LO 20 Watts MAX.
    SO-QRP 5 Watts MAX.
    SO-SWL Receive Only!
  • All power levels are measured by PEP (Peak Envelope Power)


Use the regular PSK freqs. on the following amateur bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15,10& 6 Meters.
The use of the WARC bands (12, 17 and 30 Meter Bands) are NOT permitted in the spirit of the
gentleman's agreement that there be no contesting on the WARC bands.
**Note: The use of 160 Meters for this contest has been added as of
20-Aug-06. We suggest using 1.807 kHz.**

QSO Points:

Stations can be worked once on each band for points.
Each QSO scores 1 point.


 1 multiplier for each Call area of W+ VE+ JA+ VK on each band.
W area's include W0 through W9. (not States)
VE area's include VE0 through VE9, VO1,VO2,VY0,VY1 and VY2
JA area's include JA0 through JA9
VK area's include VK0 through VK9
1 multiplier for each Country (Dx) that you work per band. Don't forget to include W, VE, JA or VK as a DX if worked.


QSO point (calculated as above) x Multipliers (calculated as above.)


Fill out the Score Submission Form here.
WL7 [Alaska] and WH6 [Hawaii] count as DX.
All VALID logs must be received via our Online Score Submission System.
All logs must be received no later than 29th October 2016 in order to be valid.
Decisions of the TARA Rumble Committee are final.


  • The awards for the Fall Rumble are now part of our OLCAR system.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.
  • ( for certificate; must have at least 5 QSO's)
  • Top SWL Score.
  • All scores except "Team Challenge & SWL" will be placed towards the Tour'ney.
Do NOT send logs. Logs must be on hand and furnished if requested.
Thanks to Steve, W3HF you can now download a really handy Dupe Sheet. It is Microsoft Excel format and is intended to assist the Gaffers in the Team Challenge.
Fill out the OnLine Score Submission Form to have your score officially logged.
Scores will be kept updated on the Rumble Web page here.
Check out TARA's very first Rumble Winner.
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