The PODXS (Digital Prefix) Contest


We are sorry to inform you that the DPX Contest was dropped by the PODXS however
it still lives on.

The Troy Amateur Radio Association (TARA) picked it up and is pleased to announce
that the old DPX is now part of the new TARA All Seasons Contest and Award package.

Under the new name The TARA Skirmish, the old DPX will be run every 3rd Saturday
of April, each year. The next run will be the 17th April, 2004

Please read all about this new contest concept at;

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you but we believe that the new contest format
under the TARA All Seasons program will prove to be exceptional.

                    cu in the TARA All Season Contest arena soon.  73 Ernie WM2U