Jack Ciaccia
     PO Box 21362
     Boulder, CO  80308-4362
QCWA # 23218
 I was originally licensed 50 years ago in 1958 as a Novice and my call was KN1IVY. My original home QTH was Providence, RI. I upgraded to General Class and became K1IVY. I joined the USAF and I'm a Vietnam Veteran. After leaving the Air Force, I took a 20 year hiatus from ham radio until 1987, when I re-tested and received my WM�G Extra Class call.
  My XYL, Mary and I have been married for 46 years. We have four grown children and we have four beautiful grandchildren. I have a manufacturers representative sales organization here in Colorado, Western Region Marketing, Inc. which represents major US electronic component manufacturers throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
  Other hobbies and interests are genealogy and sports fishing. I am also the past Emergency Coordinator for Boulder County ARES (BCARES) District -11 and a member of the Mile High DX Association and the Grand Mesa Contesters.
 My radio interests are primarily DXing, both on CW and SSB, but I can be found occasionally handing out my callsign on the GERATOL Extra Class WAS Net on 3.668 MHz  or on the 3905CC WAS Net on 40 or 80 Meters.
   I'm currently the President of the Boulder Amateur Radio Club and through them I am actively involved with getting youth into amateur radio. The Boulder Amateur Radio Club has a youth auxiliary club called "BARC Juniors". During the last sixteen years we have Elmered and licensed over 178 young hams under the age of 18, including several who have attained Extra Class licenses. Make sure you attend the "Youth in Amateur Radio Forum" at Dayton to see and listen to our internationally recognized BARC Juniors and other kids from around the USA tell about their Ham Radio experiences.
73, Jack Ciaccia - WM�G
INDEXA # 1340
1010 # 48781
NCDXF # 4449
MHDXA Newsletter Editor
District 11

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