The WJ5O Beacon has been in operation since June 1992 on the frequency of 28.289MHz
The beacon runs two Watts from a converted Radio Shack TRC 24C into a roof mounted 1/4 wave vertical antenna. 
The PTT circuit is keyed by a programmable PIC memory keyer set for beacon operation.

OK, the TRC-24C finally "smoked" after 11 years of operation........ I replaced it with another converted CB.  (Cobra 19)  I re-mounted the power supply to gain room for a cooling fan. In Alabama I am using an Antron 99 mounted on a second story roof eve.... 

Well, it looked like the Cobra gasped and quit after only a bit over 7 years of 24/7 operation. On 16 August 2010 I have replaced the beacon rig with a Midland 13-857B...same frequency...same 2 Watts....same antenna.....
January 2014 I shifted up slightly to avoid an electronic "birdie"....Now 28.289.3 MHz

The ID-8 keyer lasted 7 years ... Now using a PIC based Keyer..... See lower right picture

    Connected to power supply                                   Cooling fan added

 New Transmit Oscillator Crystal                         PICBased 12F629 Keyer
 10.240MHz with "trimmer"

Roof Mounted Beacon antenna

1/4 Wave Ground Plane .......... Home brew ..... Now replaced with an Antron-99