After the FCC had removed some of the eleven meter band from  secondary Amateur use and established the Citizens Band, some Hams in California started a net that met on ten meters at 10 o'clock daily. The FCC had originally said that the 27 MHZ portion of the band was so little used that the Hams wouldn't miss it. This California group was determined that the remaining portion of ten meters would be utilized. When the original group exceeded 200 Hams, it was decided that along with a person's Call Sign, a number would identify the person as a member of the ten-ten group. In the past 40 plus years, this group has grown to over 73 thousand operators worldwide. A person can receive their own ten-ten number by contacting and copying ten different member's information & 10-10 numbers. Since 1987 the number of issued 10-10 numbers has exceeded 31,000. It had taken 25 years to grow from nothing to 42,000 and then only 15 more years to go to 75,000. A item of interest: 10-10 number 1 is held by K1RAW, Dick, who is still active on ten meters ---- Also, Dick has checked into our local ten ten net at least twice while I was NCS


A lot depends upon the operating habits and privileges of the individual Ham. (1) An operator with a 10-10 number has shown that by getting the number, they support the original net idea of showing the FCC that Hams do utilize 10 meters. (2) Having a 10-10 number is like having common ground during a contact. The number is the "knock on the door" for many who would not otherwise respond to a CQ. A new number---a low number--- any number is like "icing" on the QSO cake. (3) Ten-Ten supports many on-going awards and contests for 10-10 operators. Awards are achieved through exchange of numbers with other operators on ten meters. Each 100 new numbers copied during contact qualifies the operator for an up-grade bar on their original 10-10 certificate. On-going contests include WAS (contacts in all 50 States in which a 10-10 number was exchanged), WAC (confirmed 10-10 contacts in all 7 continents of the World) and WPX (collecting different Call Sign prefixs with 10-10 numbers).


A person must make contact with another station on ten meters and copy the other station's Call, name, location, 10-10 # and record the date. After making ten contacts, this information should be sorted by 10-10 number into numerical sequence with the lowest number on top. Send this list along with your name, Call and address to the:

Data Manager. 10-10 International Net, inc ,
1626 Shakespeare Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32317- 8688

Include a check or MO for $15.00 made out to 10-10 International Net, Inc. You will receive a permanent 10-10 Number and a quarterly copy of the 10-10 News for a year. A person that does not renew their annual dues may still exchange their 10-10 number with others but are not eligible to compete in awards or send in their logs for contest participation.

The annual dues were increased 1 Jan 03..... DX now $18.00