ECONOMICAL KEYER........ Using the NXAS PicoKeyer chip. Features a 60 character memory, setup & message entry using a paddle and no  battery is required to retain the memory. It works FB both as a "stand alone" Rig keyer or a continuous beacon.
                 Minimal parts on board..... Transistor, Resistor, Capacitor and the PIC12F629 chip... although, I've added some.. see lower pic.
                           OUTSIDE.....  1 Stereo 1/8" jack, 3 mono 1/8 jacks, momentary "pushbutton" and 1 DPDT switch.... I used 1/4 jacks for the second one.


A good "weekend" project for the slightly electronically
inclined Operator.

OK, Now I have completed the second one.... surprising how the experience of doing a project the first time enhances the design of the second one...


 I updated the schematic to accommodate a later version of the PicoKeyer chip