CB2_12Meters.  6 October 2003

Still in the experimenting stages....... but my hypothesis is that a propagation beacon can be operational on the frequency of 24.990MHz by using a 13.5MHz crystal to subtract from the IF frequency of 38.400MHz (channel 15)

Given: A 23 channel CB with the 14/23 mixing frequencies.

More to come

I'm experimenting as time permits..... Seems that time slips away.... Now December 2004

I have found that a couple of "cans" need to have double slugs to increase the inductance enough for 12 meter frequencies.....even had to add a capacitor a couple of times......  and like the six meter conversion, the TVI "trap" needs to be disabled until the final output is at 24.990MHz... then adjust the trap for minimum interference TV channel 2


I just re-visited the project..... I haven't given up...the conversion certainly feasible.......It's just that I haven't gotten it "nailed down" yet... Spring 2009

ADDED 6 OCT 09 ..OK, along with the 14/23 IF mix the 3 crystal 02A PLL rigs are easy converts.

3 crystal O2A set up 1977-1978 series a 9.600 MHz crystal will put seven beacon frequencies in the rig (Transmit Oscillator)


Delco (GM)CBO-10   GE 3-5810-8   Hygain 2679, 2680, 2681, 2683, 2710X, 2716, 3084B

Kraco KCB-2320B  Lafayette COM-Phone 23A, HB650, HB750, HB-950,

Micro 223A,   Telesat 1050,  Midland 13-830, 13-857B, 13-882C, 13-888B, 13-955.

Pearce-Simpson Tiger MarkII,  RCA 14300, 14T301,  Truetone MCC4434B-67, CYJ4732A-77.




12 meter beacons 24.890-24.930 MHz (CW band) +2.53 = 12.9598 Xtal to convert 24.990 MHz

   Change transmit oscillator from 10.695 to 12.6698 Xtal +2.24 = 24.990 MHz


OR, change the 3X "loop" crystal... to:

  11.125 +2.24 (chan 1) = 24.920 MHz

  11.120 +2.24             = 24.905 MHz

  11.126 +2.24            = 24.923 MHz