BEACON INFORMATION for the person planning a 10 meter propagation beacon Page updated 17 November 2014 Contact WI5V as of January 2018

........I am the IARU Region 2 HF Beacon Coordinator....... No Longer After ten years calling it quits January 2018.

When a person decides to put a beacon on the air it is
customary to send me a message indicating the operation of the beacon
(continuous or intermittent), power, antenna and
ask for my frequency suggestion.  UPDATE 17 Nov 14
[email protected] 

Latter 2010 I have started suggesting frequencies ending in .3 or .8 ....Like 28.206.8 or 28.206.3 MHz ....... over 400 IARU Region 2 ten meter beacons listed as of July 2014. 

I will suggest one frequency . Identify it on the listing as "Tentative Coordination"...If there is a problem with the suggested frequency (rig not frequency agile) We can work it out.
When the beacon operator tells me that the signal is on the air....I'll remove the tentative from the listing.

 Please coordinate with Me BEFORE going "ON THE AIR" .... I often  know of other beacon activities that could effect operation on a given frequency.   

Beacons "popping up" on the air without coordination will be listed as "Un-Coordinated beacons".

I maintain the ten meter beacon listing on a daily basis...I appreciate beacon information from all sources.  Please send a message if you are aware of differences in actual beacon operation and what I have listed.

... Beacon messages.....As this "sunspot" cycle continues on the "downward slide it is important that the message be concise without extraneous information. With the noise, rapid fading and backscatter flutter it is difficult to "wade" through a bunch of information that is not necessary trying to catch the ID of the beacon signal.   please read:

A beacon operator can  help beacon listeners to identify and report beacon signals by having an "ideal" message.

The best way for a beacon operator to know "WHEN & WHERE" the beacon signal is being heard is by subscribing to the HF Beacon Reflector. 

Alternate Beacon reflector now active (Jan 09) Subscribe  by sending a blank email to
[email protected] or by going to