Beacons on Ten meters.........

  I know there are so many facets of Ham radio that a person can't "dabble" in all.....  But, have You ever considered operating a propagation beacon on ten meters?  Here's Your chance to return a portion of Your Ham Radio enjoyment to benefit other ten meter operators. It doesn't take much outlay in funds and also gives a person experience in RF endeavors that are not easily acquired otherwise.

The primary purpose of a propagation beacon is to provide a real time indication of band openings. The secondary purpose is to provide data for propagation studies.

OK, how does it work?

The average "Joe Ham" ten meter Operator is using an average 100 W SSB transceiver scanning the band to make contacts.  When a QRP beacon signal is heard, Joe Ham can reasonably expect to make a contact in the direction of the signal. ....This is "real time" utilization of propagation beacons.

The following map indicates where the active propagation beacons are operating........... marked by a "B"

 Usa3.gif   Click to see map

Cycle 24 is here...Summer of 2011    Some States only have a single beacon in operation....I will get the map updated ASAP

October 2013  and cycle 24 is still active......