HyGain II 

Notes regard to converting HyGain II to a beacon.

 Uses O1A PLL chip

w/ 7.15 transmit oscillator crystal  channel 5 will be 28.200 MHz

 channel 1 will be 28.170 MHz   

index runs from 2.0 to 2.29  

 channel 12 will be 28.28.290 MHz

 osc 1        9.51 will be doubled      19.02 MHz

osc  2       6.4

osc  3       5.945                  change to 7.15 MHz crystal

Make sure the rig works OK as a CB before starting to convert.

Two added components....Crystal in range near 7.1 MHz

Trimmer cap....I used 5.5-18 pf in parallel.

 These are the three "cans" that are the "heart" of the conversion.

I backoff the slugs about a 1/2 turn before powering up and "sniffing"

with a nearby receiver. Use the nearby receiver to "tweak" the cans.

Schematic indicates the following inductors to "tweak & peak"