Here are some pictures from in and around the shack


       Let's start inside. This is where I play. 
Here is a closer look at the computer and the ICOM 756 Tranceiver.  The mike is a SM-20 and the tuner above the tranceiver is an MFJ-969.  My trusty Syquest 270 sits on the top shelf with the cable modem.  A Connectix B&W QuickCam is above the monitor and a Sony camcorder feeds my Winnov video capture card in the computer.  Just in view on the right are my Scanmaker IISP and HP color printer. 
OK, here is the obligatory picture of the station operator.  This one could have just as easily been left out.  BTW, all of these pictures are the product of my wonderful little Ricoh digital camera.  A marvelous machine.
My current station is definitely antenna poor.  I've been operating with only the most rudimentary antenna systems.  I have three wire dipole antennas above the house right now.  All three are strung between the many trees around the house.  I will be moving them over my garage when I move all my antennas to that new location (with the exception of the discone).
This is gift from a local ham who just moved out of the area.  He was retiring to Florida and had moved the Mosley TA-33 three times before.  I've reassembled here in this photo and am preparing its new home above the garage.  It and the relocated wire dipoles will be linked to the shack with 200 feet of 1/2 inch hardline, courtesy of the local ham radio club.  I plan on using an Ameretron remote cable switch to feed the hardline.

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