Amateur Radio
147.540 FM Simplex
New Albany, Indiana  USA



The first node was node number 4140 which was installed on August 13, 2001 in Terre Haute, IN under the callsign W2ISZ. It was hooked to the 224.880 repeater in Terre Haute. The original gear was all Hamtronics kits. A receiver and transmitter kit were assembled to link the IRLP node to the repeater site. At the time, node 4140 was only the second IRLP node in the state of Indiana. In early 2003 the node was moved to Charlestown, IN and set up as a simplex node on 147.560. It was comprised of a Yaesu FT-1500M transceiver and a custom patch cable to link the computer and radio. The node frequency was changed to 147.540 due to interference. In 2005 the node was converted to EchoIRLP to give access to the EchoLINK network. In 2009 the node was moved to New Albany, IN. In 2010 the node number was changed to 7111 and is now powered by a new Motorola radio.



The node is located on the Knobs. It provides coverage into all of Louisville, KY and surrounding area. The equipment rundown is as follows: Radio is a Motorola SM-120 at 10 watts currently, the antenna is a Diamond X-700H.

IRLP node number: 7111

EchoLINK node number:  85628




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