ARRL Computer Networking Conference Proceedings
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    Some of these papers are available online at
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    This list is not exhaustive; there are many other interesting
    articles, but these are the ones most relevant to NOS
    and TCP/IP.
    NOS Overviews and Documentation
    NOS Command Set Reference
    Ian Wade G3NRW   10th (1991)
    NOSVIEW: The On-Line Documentation Package for NOS
    Ian Wade G3NRW   11th (1992)
    The KA9Q Internet (TCP/IP) Package: A Progress Report
    Phil Karn KA9Q      6th (1987)
    Amateur TCP/IP: An Update
    Phil Karn KA9Q      7th (1988)
    Amateur TCP/IP in 1989
    Phil Karn KA9Q      8th (1989)
    Services and Protocols
    The Design of a Mail System for the KA9Q Internet protocol
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA  6th (1987)
    Finger - A User Information Lookup Service
    Michael T. Horne, KA7AXD    7th (1988)
    Callsign Server for the KA9Q Internet Protocol Package
    Doug Thom, N6OYU  8th (1989)
    Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP
    The Network News Transfer Protocol and its Use in Packet Radio
    Anders Klemets, SM0RGV         9th (1990)
    A Routing Agent for TCP/IP: RFC 1058 Implemented for the KA9Q   
    Internet Protocol Package   7th (1988)
    Albert G. Broscius, N3FCT
    Thoughts on the Issues of Address Resolution and Routing in
    Amateur Packet Radio TCP/IP Networks
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA  6th (1987)
    Another Look at Authentication
    Phil Karn KA9Q      6th (1987)
    LZW Compression of Interactive Network Traffic 
    Anders Klemets, SM0RGV         10th (1991)
    PACSAT Protocol Suite -- An Overview
    Harold Price, NK6K  9th (1990)
    Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA
    BULLPRO -- A Simple Bulletin Distribution Protocol
    Tom Clark, W3IWI  9th (1990)
    KA9Q Internet Protocol Package on the Apple Macintosh
    Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP    8th (1989)
    Doug Thom, N6OYU
    Status Report on the KA9Q Internet Protocol Package for the  
    Apple Macintosh
    Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP    9th (1990)
    Doug Thom, N6OYU
    Higher Speed Amateur Packet Radio using the Apple Macintosh
    Doug Yuill, VE3OCU  10th (1991)
    The Implications of High-Speed RF Networking
    Mike Chepponis, K3MC  8th (1989)
    Glenn Elmore, N6GN
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA
    Phil Karn, KA9Q
    Kevin Rowett, N6RCE
    Design of a Next-Generation Packet Network
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA  8th (1989)
    More and Faster Bits: A Look at Packet Radio's Future
    Bdale Garbee, N3EUA  7th (1988)
    Physical Layer Considerations in Building a High Speed Amateur Radio Network
    Glenn Elmore, N6GN  9th (1990)
    Spectral Efficiency Considerations for Packet Radio
    Phil Karn, KA9Q   10th (1991)

This should be considered to be required reading.

MACA - A New Channel Acess Method for Packet Radio

Phil Karn, KA9Q 9th (1990)

A Duplex Packet Radio Repeater Approach to Layer One


Robert Finch, N6CXB 6th (1987)

Scott Avent, N6BGW

A Duplex Packet Radio Repeater Approach to Layer One

Efficiency, Part Two

Scott Avent, N6BGW 7th (1988)

Robert Finch, N6CXB

Network Implementation

Packet Radio at 19.2 kB -- A Progress Report

John Ackermann, AG9V 11th (1992)

Implementation of a 1Mbps Packet Data Link

Glenn Elmore, N6GN 8th (1989)

Kevin Rowett, N6RCE

Hubmaster: Cluster-Based Access to High-Speed Netowrks

Glenn Elmore, N6GN 9th (1990)

Kevin Rowett, N6RCE

Ed Satterthwaite, N6PLO

Recent Hubmaster Networking Progress in Northern California

Glenn Elmore, N6GN 9th (1990)

Kevin Rowett, N6RCE

The 56 kb/s Modem as a Network Building Block: Some Design


Barry McLarnon, VE3JF 10th (1991)

Digital Networking with the WA4DSY Modem - Adjacent Channel

and Co-Channel Frequency Reuse Considerations

Ian McEachern, VE3PFH 10th (1991)

A Full-Duplex 56kb/s CSMA/CD Packet Radio Repeater System

Mike Chepponis, K3MC 10th (1991)

Lars Karlsson, AA6IW

A High Performance, Collision-Free Packet Radio Network

Phil Karn KA9Q 6th (1987)

Adaptation of the KA9Q TCP/IP Package for Standalone Packet

Switch Operation

Bdale Garbee, N3EUA 9th (1990)

Don Lemley, N4PCR

Milt Heath


The KISS TNC: A Simple Host-to-TNC Communications Protocol

Mike Chepponis, K3MC 6th (1987)

Phil Karn, KA9Q

The Ottawa Packet Interface (PI) A Syncrhonous Serial PC

Interface for Medium Speed Packet Radio

Dave Perry, VE3IFB 10th (1991)

HAPN-2: A Digital Multi-Mode Controller fo the IBM PC

John Vanden Berg, VE3DVV 11th (1992)

The PackeTen system - The Next Generation Packet Switch

Don Lemley, N4PCR 9th (1990)

Milt Heath