Mexican states and XE call-sign areas

Mexican flag

Updated 20 August 2004

The Mexican mainland, including the Baja California peninsula, is divided into 3 different call areas.  In addition, there are 4 other call areas for Mexico's islands in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea.  The map is not to scale - borders are approximate. 
map of Mexico with amateur call areas

XE1 - Central Mexico
XE2 - Northern Mexico
XE3 - Southern Mexico
XF - Mexican islands

If your intention is to operate from a Mexican island, first off indicate that clearly on your permit application.  This is especially important for USA hams, who are generally forbidden from doing this.  Once you have your permit (or SCT receipt), you may want to ask if you can use an XF prefix while operating from an island.  The number following XF may be based on which part of Mexican territorial waters you are located.  The Revillagigedo group typically has the XF4 prefix, to acknowledge its distance from the Mexican mainland compared to other islands. 
WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Mexican (XE) ham-radio permits