Welcome to the WD8MKG Repeater!

Serving the Amateur Radio community since 1980

Your local repeater for all of West Michigan
Located in Holton, Michigan U.S.A.

In the interest of preserving the Amateur Radio tradition


How to Access the WD8MKG Repeater

You can access the WD8MKG repeater system very easily.  You need to have a valid Amateur Radio license, Technician class or higher.  Program the frequency of 147.320 MHz into your 2-meter radio, use an offset of +600 and, last but not least, place one of the following PL's into your radio (they will allow you to access the WD8MKG repeater):

94.8 Hz (main repeater site in Holton, MI)

131.8 Hz (secondary link receiver site in Muskegon, MI)

162.2 Hz (secondary link receiver site in Whitehall, MI)


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One of the WD8MKG towers


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