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Welcome to my Homepage.
Hi  April......

We live in Beautiful Downtown Sunny Santee, Ca.
Hold the Advanced class.  Licensed since 1978, this time, first licensed in the early 60's (Novice) but lost the ticket due to no-upgrade.

QRP and Boatanchors

My interests are;  My six children and my six grandchildren,  Qrp rigs and using them while camping, bringing old tube rigs back to life and getting them back on the air where they belong!  My XYL says I better put her "in" here or she will put me "out" there.


I belong to the East County Repeater Association, to go to their web page click here, ECRA.

Also NorCal, ARCI, Qrp-l, Adventure
Radio Society, ScQRPions, Glowbugs
and Boatanchors. Click here, Clubs

More Links

      April likes these pictures

Here's a Real homepage, Triangle East Amateur Radio  Association,  lots  of  good  information TEARA.

Roy Gregson's Qrp Site.. Emtech.  Great Qrp Rig!!

Best experienced with

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