Cool Koss DVD Player

A while ago, I picked up one of these Koss DVP2161 portable DVD players for use in my trailer, since it runs on 12vdc.  These players are available at most Target discount stores and for around $100.  The Koss can play just about any video disk format, as well as MP3's and JPEGs.  (A double-sided DVD-R filled with MP3 files will store about 160 hours of music, a good-sized library for trips of just about any duration.)

Unfortunately, the player has a tendancy to overheat and skip after extended plays.  To avoid this, I hacked my Koss to include a small blower to circulate air through the case.  You can see the hole I cut in the left side of the case for the exhaust for the fan.

CYA WARNING: This modification will void your factory warranty and could potentially damage your player.  The owner assumes all responsibility for applying this mod.  This mod is not recommended if you are not reasonably skilled at mechanical and electronic construction techniques.

I ordered my 5v blower from Marlin P. Jones & Associates, it is part #12929 FN.  The blower is mounted to the top of the large chip with double-sided masking tape.  The foam blocks you see were added to insure the air flow went through the blower instead of around it -- the blower takes air from the top and pushes it out the side.  They are also held in place with double-sided tape.

A small part of the support leg in the upper case has to be cut away to add clearance for the blower.  Use a Dremel tool or similar hobby grinder, and be careful not to remove any more of the conductive coating to the plastic than you have to.

I probed around on the board until I found this source of 5v power.  (Click on the above image for a high-res version.)  It works, but it is not optimal, since the blower runs even when the player is turned off via the remote -- to turn everything off, including the blower, you have to use the slide switch on the right side of the player.  If you come up with a better location, email me at and I'll check it out and update this page.