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TubePad 6.0 progress and other notes.
TubePad 7.0 now in progress
Free downloadable scalable dial face.


TubePad 6.0 Beta release: Now Available!
I have finished the basics of TubePad 6.0, and am posting it as a Zip file from the TubePad page. For those who are using the older browsers (pre I.E.4) i am keeping TubePad 5.0 up as well. There had been a delay in posting this zip file to my site because of the fairly large size. Seems that this server just didn't like it, so i found a doner site (one of the sites i develop and manage) and was able to place the file there. So the link you see on the TubePad page is indeed active, just not to my site ( for those who like to right click web pages to read the HTML. Hey, i encourage that practice, best way to learn the art and mystery of web-weaving!)

The Beta version has still needs some updating, for instance i plan to add VR tubes to the "Short List", and more schematics to the "Schematics" links. Apart from that, and the possibility of adding another calculator, she's pretty well done.

As usual, there are those who for some reason or other cannot download these programs. Let me offer some advice:

These are not executable files. All they are are image and html files, similar to what you would find on a web page. When they are downloaded, i recommend the use of WinZip 8.0 to unzip them. You can download WinZip's evaluation version at their site. These are not self executing zip files, although some have suggested i make them so. I chose not to from my own experiences with them. If all fails, and your on-board unzipper just won't unzip them, contact me. I can, for a small charge (primarily the cost of production) provide you with a CD in two different formats, the mini or standard CD. Burning, handling, 2 cups of coffee, and shipping would come to 5 bucks U.S. Obviously, i am not in this for the money. Feel free to Contact Me.

More Changes on this site!

A Vector version of TubePad is on the Horizon!
I have had a number of hobbyists who happen to work with CAD programmes tell me that they would use TubePad . . . but it is incompatible with their vector programmes, and the scalability of vector images is of great value in their work, both at the office, and at home. Since TubePad is entirely bitmapped, naturally scaling is problematic. So your's truly went out and got hold of a vector application (FreeHand, specifically) and spent the last half year or so learning how to do some basic things on it. The result is a complete library of vector schematic symbols. I am developing another set, the "RSGB" Radio Society of Great Britain's older schematic symbols used in their publications in the 50s and 60s, which is currently available in .bmp in TubePad. Soon, Shortwave Craft symbols of the 1930s will also be available in vector.

Also, i plan to make available scalable dial faces, a sample of which is posted on the TubePad page, both in encapsulated post script and Adobe Acrobat (.eps and .pdf). This will be another continuous work in progress. The culmination of this will result in a new version of TubePad: 7.0.

Scalable Dial Faces: these are vector designed, as such one needs to have a vector application to manipulate them. The .pdf version can be viewed and printed from Adobe Acrobat. Eps can be manipulated by Corel Draw, Quark, and other systems. Simply download the file, and she's all yours. You might have to ungroup the components of the dial to change, for example, the number fonts, or do whatever changes you may want. Naturally, you can scale it to whatever size you need. If you have Adobe Illustrator, and find the .eps does not convert well, let me know, i will post a third file in that format, too.

A Tube "Short-List":
This is one of the TubePad 6.0 features which i decided to release on my site in beta form. It is set up similarly as the rest of my site, with the scrolling nav. bar containing the tube designations.
Each tube is a link to an info page which is shown in the main window. The pages are fairly packed with appropriate information as i could find it in the various source materials i have on hand. Note that while there are over 12,000 different varieties of tubes, i have endeavoured only to treat the tubes which are: 1- Consistently used in simple radio projects through the years, 2- Not hard to find or order, 3- Not exotic. In our hobby we usually do not utilise even 5 percent of the varieties available.
Now, having said that, know that the Tube Info page is constantly in a state of updating, and i will be adding more tubes, and also putting the ones i have listed (about 120 types) in alphabetical order!
Note that the tubes are grouped according to their types: Diode, Triode, Tet/Pentodes, Visual Indicators (yet to be added), Multigrid or multi-element tubes, and Voltage Regulator tubes.

I hope you find this tube "Search-List" handy

vy 73 es good Providence in all your endeavours.
gary // wd4nka