I was first licensed in 1967 as
                    WN4EXQ, but my circumstances
                    changed, so I got back into ham
                    radio in 1983, thanks to K6XN and
                    the internet.

                    I got a HF license in 1995,
                    primarily to operate in the UK
                    using an HT, but didn't really
                    operate HF until 1997, when I
                    discovered the digital modes,
                    thanks to an old friend K6RFM.  I've operated in many RTTY
                    contests since then, and have  150 countries on RTTY.

                    I've held M0BPI, VP5/N6TQS, VP9/N6TQS, VK4BPI, and operated RTTY
                    from the Isle of Man on my own, and Clipperton Island as part of the
                    FO0AAA crew.

                    I'm a retired engineer, live in Oakland California, read a lot, especially
                    science fiction. I've been married since 1995 and my
                    partner, Lyn, KD6HXY, is finishing a doctrate in public health at UC.