Kassel, Rothwesten, and Waldau Germany

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Let's ride the Stadtbahn

The Village of Rothwesten

The Red Cat, down on the river. Great Place

The Red Cat, taken 2009

I am sure everyone knows where this is. :)

The Dusse Jan 2010

Some new Pictures I Recently Received

Coming up the hill from Ihringshausen/Fuldatal

Pictures Provided by Bill Conner,
058 "A" Trick, 184th Rothwesten 1960-63



Officers Club Rear View

Mess Hall


PX from Later Years

Ice House

This is the corner building between the MP building and Sub Post Hq
The 77th Transportation Company was here late 1963-67


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Kassel Pics Page 3

Waldau / Lohfelden

Fieseler in Kassel

The 598th Transportation Company

The 77th Transportation Company

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