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Camp Colbern

The Gate Taken in 2008

Camp Colbern was named in honor of MG William H. Colbern, US Army, whose 39 years of military service included participation in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

In November 2005 Camp Colbern closed and preperations were made to transfer ownership of the facility to the Republic of Korea. Mention of this shift was made in US-ROK Land Partnership Plan in 2002, when the expected date of closure was 2008.

Camp Colbern was a small camp south of the capital, near K-16, an army airfield. Immediately prior to its closure Camp Colbern was home to the 304th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade. The Battalion's mission was to provide a combat-ready, forward-deployed tactical signal battalion in support of the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, USFK and Eighth U.S. Army commanders during the Korean War, the Armistice and still remain providing communications in Korea.

 304th Signal Battalion 

View of Camp Colbern from the mountain

New Toll Road to Seoul Under Construction seen at top of picture

Zoomed in View

Village, with new Toll Road under construction in back ground

Toll Gate that is accross from Colbern now.

Headed to the Field in 1976

Firing Section Shamming

Perimeter Bunker

Below pictures from SP4 Walter Bush,
at Cp Colbern in 1970 with the Recon Plt,
2/32 Inf, 7th Infantry Div, 1970

3rd BN 81st Arty, I Corp SERGEANT Missile.

Spec 4 Hanerfeld in the tower guarding the MSA at Colbern

Sergeant Missile

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