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Ft Knox Automotive School

Pictures of the Ft Knox Automotive School, taken by Richard Clinton who was a Student in early 1967

The buildings in a row, with the chimneys, were the class rooms and work bays, where the students did hands on training of the material that was covered in the class rooms.

I was a Instructor in the Chassis Section in 1962-63, then headed to France and Germany.

Those 2 small buildings are the Orderly Room and Supply Room.

Below are a few photos of Richard Clinton, who was a Student, that I met later in Vietnam. We reconnected at a Vietnam Vets Reunion in 2009, and have remained friends since then.

We had a Senior Instructor, Msg Maxwell, that had lost a eye in Korea that had a great sense of humor. We had Saturday Morning Inspections back then, and while the troops were out side in Formation, he would slip into the barracks, and set up little jokes on the students by doing things like putting a chewing gum wrapper on the top of a wall locker, and little things like that.

When the students finished the Formation, they were released to the barracks for a Stand-by Wall Locker Inspection. Well, here comes the Inspectors, of which Msg Maxwell was one of them. He would check the lockers over while his helper was taking notes. Maxwell would pop his artifical eye out, and hold it up, as if looking at the top of the wall lockers. When he got to the one he put the wrapper on, he did the same thing, popped his eye out, and held it up, and said "Gum Wrapper on the locker top", and proceeded to the next students.

After the Inspection was over, the Class Leader came over to the guy amd his Squad Leader and they were saying that Maxwell was Nuts. This is when the Squad Leader stuck his hand up there, and pulled the wrapper off the locker top. You should of heard them..... LOL

Richard Clinton, was a student in a early 1967 Class, and I was a Instructor at the same school in 1962-63. We ended up working together in Phu Tai South Vietnam in the Summer of 1967. We did not know about each others connection with the Ft Knox Automotive School till the Winter of 2018.

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