Information on 3Y0C
Updated Jan 31 2001

A SPECIAL BULLETIN - 3Y0C, BOUVET ACTIVE NOW (# 4 on 2000 DX MAGAZINE MOST WANTED SURVEY) Mac, WA4FFW reports that Chuck, N4BQW, of Palmyra and Kingman Reef fame,will begin a 4-month operation from Bouvet Island. Operations will commence on Saturday December 16 at 2000 Z on 14.195 MHz. Chuck has been granted license with the call sign 3Y0C. This call sign was issued some years ago but was never activated according to officials there fore it was reissued to Chuck for this operation.

Chuck arrived on Bouvet on December 11 aboard the MV Polarstern. Landing was with the aid of a helicopter. Chuck is part of a scientific team consisting of 4 Norwegian Scientist and himself. He is the only Ham operator. He will be involved in conducting some experiments; however he will have plenty of time to operate.

Joe N4OL, the Operations Equipment Manager, states Chuck will be running an ICOM 756 Pro and an ICOM PW-1 solid state linear. He has vertical antennas for 160-40 meters and will use beams on 30 - 10 meters. They are not all inplace at this time but should be up in a week to 10 days as weather and work permits.

Pilot station, Gene WJ4T states that Chuck will have generator for approximately 12 hours a day and will use a large banks of batteries when the generator is not available. Gene reports that Chuck will have some other responsibilities on the Island but will have plenty of time to operate.

Gene also reports that the temperature is 0 degrees C with winds at 50 MPH.He also reported there have already been winds in excess of 70 MPH since the team landed. Therefore antenna erection has been and will continue tobe difficult.

WA4FFW is the QSL manager for the operation. Mac asks that no cards be sent until an address is posted sometime in early January 2001. There will be no computer logs. Logs will not be in hand until after Chuck's return to the US sometime in April.

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Picture of 3Y0C, Chuck Brady   Thanks to ZS1AU

Picture of Chuck on Bouvet   Taken Dec 24th

Picture of 3Y0C Shack   Taken December 28th

Picture of Chuck near shack and antenna  Taken Dec 28th

The Hex beam in back ground after 100 mph storm   Yes, they sleep in the little tents!

A Iceberg floating past Bouvet, on one of the rare sunshine days

The hex beam after being raised back up, and shack   Jan 10

View of 3Y0C site from above   They have more work tents set up now. Jan 13

Close up of some of the locals    Jan 13

Newly born penquins    Jan 13

The only antenna left standing    The round dome is for weather.    Jan 22  

Chuck tried to say they were working on the antennas here  
Look close... Looks more like a barbercue to me :)   Jan 22

Another of the year around residents    Jan 24

A NASA bio on Chuck

3Y0C QSL Information   Updated Jan 7

ZS1AU, The Pilot station

ZS1AU's Story about Chuck

Antennas provided by
Traffie Technology

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