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New Pictures Added Feb 27

For propagation predictions to 3Y0C, click on nearest area to your QTH

I did a seperate prediction for Dec, Jan, Feb, and March so you can see how the propagation will change for you as we move towards the Equinox. Since this has more effect of proagation than a swing of 20-50 points in the SFI, I left the SFI of 190 in all predictions as a good referance base.

Alaska/NW Canada West Canada West US East US Weat Canada Cen Amer/Car/N South Amer South America Central Pacific Central Pacific Austral/New Zealand Africa South EU/N Africa Europe East EU/Central Asia Middle East Middle East East Asia Greanland/Iceland 3Y0C Propagation Map

Click on your QTH for a region-specific propagation prediction to the Bouvet.
For a complete propagation plot from all areas to Bouvet for Jan, click here.
For a complete propagation plot from all areas to Bouvet for Feb, click here.

If you have not been able to hear Chuck, listen here.

Since pickup date/time will be based on the weather on Bouvet, I will 
try to keep up with the weather in that area, and show it here daily.

The pickup date/time is dependent on the storm near Bouvet now.

The RV Lance is expected to arrive at Bouvet at 0800Z, Mar 4. They
will start loading at that time if weather is acceptable. Chuck will
get word back to us when he is aboard the ship.

Weather near Bouver    Mar 1 1200Z
Weather near Bouver    Mar 2 1200Z
Weather near Bouver    Mar 3 1200Z
Weather near Bouver    Mar 4 1200Z

3Y0C is now QRT...

Picture of 3Y0C, Chuck Brady   Thanks to ZS1AU

Picture of Chuck on Bouvet   Taken Dec 24th

Picture of 3Y0C Shack   Taken December 28th

Picture of Chuck near shack and antenna  Taken Dec 28th

The Hex beam in back ground after 100 mph storm   Yes, they sleep in the little tents!

A Iceberg floating past Bouvet, on one of the rare sunshine days

The hex beam after being raised back up, and shack   Jan 10

View of 3Y0C site from above   They have more work tents set up now. Jan 13

Close up of some of the locals    Jan 13

Newly born penquins    Jan 13

The only antenna left standing    The round dome is for weather.    Jan 22   Story here

Chuck tried to say they were working on the antennas here  
Look close... Looks more like a barbercue to me :)   Jan 22
Fresh picture of Chuck in the shack    Feb 27

Chuck relaxing outside    Feb 27

Map of Bouvet, showing 3Y0C location on island

A NASA bio on Chuck

3Y0C QSL Information   Updated Jan 7

ZS1AU, The Pilot station      (Dennis picture)

Antennas provided by
Traffie Technology

Good Luck!!!

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