Gerry Crenshaw, WD4BIS, Garland, Texas

Last Updated Sept 2005

Welcome to the New Ham Partner Web page, a series of continuing articles for amateur radio newsletters by Gerry Crenshaw, WD4BIS.

This column was started for the Garland Amateur Radio Club newsletter when the influx of new NO-Code technicians started to ask questions on the local repeater that many of older hams had struggled with 20 years ago. These articles deal with both technical and non-technical subjects and address many questions raised by the the newer membership.

The page was started by a chance comment from my wife (Janet Crenshaw, WB9ZPH) who noted that many a past club she had belonged to would have traded the club HF rig for a good source of articles in their newsletters.

These articles are copyrighted, but may be used in club newsletters without requiring prior permission as long as they remain unmodified. However, please do send me an E-mail telling me when and where they were published. I would also appreciate a copy of the newsletter that one of my articles appear in. Otherwise I will assume that these are not useful to others and I will discontinue adding new articles to this page.

As a hedge against writers block, if someone has an idea for an article, would you send that to me as well.



#2: That first Antenna

#3: What's all this coax stuff anyway?

#4: Power Supplies and Batteries

#5: What Kind of Coaxial Connectors do YOU use?

#6: Digital Communications

#7: Test Equipment Stuff: Do I need it?

#10: To dual or not to dual, That is the question

#12: VHF and UHF band plans

#13: RACES Standard Connectors: are they good enough?

#14: RACES Standard DC Connectors-- Complaints, Fixes and other Ramblings

#18: Making Printed Circuit Boards

#19: Invisible (sorta) Antennas

#20: Lightning Protection

#22: Lightning protection II 2005

#23: Evolving DC Connector Power Standards 2005

#1: After your license finally arrives, now what?

#8: HT Accessories: Toys or Necessities?

#9: Why An Amateur Radio Operator Is Called a "HAM"

#11: Call Signs and Using Phonetics

#15: Why Work Public Service Events

#16: Patching and Kerchunking

#17: Alphabet Soup

#21: The Marvelous Junk Box


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