WC9C  / Beacon  28.265

My 10 Meter Beacon Project has been under way now for some time. I am going to update
the Photos and other Item very soon.
The current Beacon is now running with the TX board you see below, But for almost a
year now Ive been using an Old IBM XT and a Program I wrote to control it. This will
soon be replaced with either a 386/40 or 486.  This will help me in the task of updating
the messages to the beacon from remote.
If a good High remote site can be found not too far from my home QTH
I will also be adding  6mtrs 2mtrs and 70cm Transmitters.
Update 10/17/99
The Beacon is now running on a 486 DX2-66 computer, I compiled the program using
VBasic for Dos,(Im going redo that using VBasic 4 and make it a windows app.)
It is running under Windows 3.11 and Networked back to the shack using Eithernet.
This help greatly in updating the files, Like the Solar Flux which is update at least
twice per day.

The current schedule is system BT at 00 and 30 min each hour.  Solar Flux information sent
15 and 45 mins each hour. ARRL PROPAGATION BT IS SENT DAILY AT  00  06  12  15  18  AND  21  HOURS UTC  AT  20 WPM .

Please E-Mail me with Reception Reports to:   [email protected]

Thank You ....   73's  and GUD  DX !

Here is the Beacon in its earliest construction phase
The Transmitter is a converted Cybernet CB board
The first CW generator on the right was a single chip microcontroler

For the Keying I added a PNP SW transistor and keyed the emitter of the first mixer after
the PLL,  This provided a clean CW Note.


Comments or Questions Please E-Mail or Write to
WC9C Beacon Project
P.O. Box 73
Pimento, IN 47866

 Updated October 17, 1999