Hammarlund HQ-180 CW/AM/SSB Receiver

This Hammarlund HQ-180 belonged to Milt Moratis W3XX. K3MSB completed the resoration in the fall of 2003. Alignment of an HQ-180 is much nicer than aligning an HQ-170, as the 180 has both main tuning and band spread directly connected to their respective tuning capacitors. In August 2009, the HQ-180 was given to Joe Roth WC4R.






General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHHH (5)
Made In: United States 1959-1962 Voltages: 105-125 VAC 50/60 Hz
Coverage: 540 - 30000 kHz Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/LSB/USB/CW Selectivity: 6/4/3/2/1/0.5 kHz
Circuit: Triple Conversion Superheterodyne. 18 Tubes. Physical: 19 x 10.5 x 13" 38 Lbs. 482x266x330mm
Circuit Complement: 6BZ6 RF Amp, 6BE6 1st Mixer, 6BE6 Converter, 6BA6 455 IF Amp, 6BE6 Converter, 6BA6 60 kHz IF Amp, 6BA6 60 kHz IF Amp, 6BV8 60 kHz IF Amp/AVC/AM Detector, 12AU7 SSB Product Detector, 6AL5 NL, 6BZ6 Crystal Cal, 6C4 HF Osc, 12AU7 60 kHz BFO/S Meter, 0A2 Voltage Regulator, 5U4GB Rectifier, 6AV6 1st AF Amp/AVC, 6AQ5 AF Output and 6BA6 455 kHz Gate. Double conversion below 7.85 MHz.
Features: •¼" Head. Jack • S Meter • Fiduciary Adjust • Calibrator 100 kHz • RF Gain • ANL • Antenna Trimmer • Vernier Tune ±3 kHz • Spkr. Terminals • BFO ±2 kHz • Bandspread • AVC OFF/SLO/MED/FST • Mute Line • Flywheel Tuning • Slot Filter ±5 kHz
Accessories: S-200 Speaker, 24 Hour Clock/Timer (shown), IF Noise Silencer
New Price: $429 Used Price: $600-800
Comments: Ranges:  .54-1.05, 1.05-2.05, 2.05-4.04, 4-7.85, 7.85-15.35 and 15.35-30 MHz. Bandspread: 3.44-4.04, 6.81-7.3, 13.98-14.425, 20.925-21.6 and 27.89-29.7 MHz. Requires a speaker. An outstanding tube radio.

Variants: Model HQ-180C (shown) has clock. Model HQ-180RC is the rack version with clock. Model HQ-180XE has 11 fixed crystal positions and adds 230 VAC. This later "A" model, HQ-180A, features a solid state power supply, 230 VAC, 3 position BFO, accessory socket, less drift and 500 ohm line output. Model HQ-180AC has the clock timer built-in. Model HQ-180ARC is rack and clock. Model HQ-180AR was rack mounted version. Export model HQ-180AE operates from 117 or 230 VAC 50 or 60 Hz. Model HQ-180AX accepts 11 fixed crystals (6 can be changed from the front) $625. (Note that the X models cannot have the clock). Model HQ-180AXR same but rack mounted $675.

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