No Parts PIC Programmer


A lot of projects involve a programmable controller from MicroChip called a PIC. And a lot of projects are made easier by using these rascals. Programming these parts, however, has been a bit of a challenge. Programmers often cost hundreds of dollars, a significant investment for something that I would use rarely.

When MicroChip came out with flash memory on their parts, the job got made a lot easier. Michael Covington came up with the "No Parts PIC Programmer" which could be built from stuff likely in the junkbox. Indeed, the only slightly tough part is the 18 pin DIP socket.

These pictures are pretty rough - better pictures are on the way.

The programmer

Here's the programmer all closed up. Since it's not actually a radio, it doesn't get an official Altoids tin.

Opened up

The programmer opened up for action. One of the annoying things about this arrangement is that the PIC must be inserted after power is applied.

Parts Layout

27 Dec 2004

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