HTX-10 CW Adapter


Jim, N5IB came up with a CW adapter for the Radio Shack HTX-10 10 meter SSB Transceiver. The unit was featured in the April 2000 QQ.

Well, a vision-impaired ham wanted one of these, and when Jim asked if someone else could build one (Jim was in "non-building mode due to school" at the time), well, I was getting the urge to melt some solder, and this seemed like the right sized project. Here's a link to Jim's web article (not the QQ article).


The unit is built Manhattan style in the QRP-standard Altoids tin format. Of course, being anxious to melt solder, I didn't lay it out ahead of time but just went to building. As a result, things got a bit tight in spots.

Opened up

But, all the parts made it in the box, and all in all, it doesn't look all that bad.

Ready for Operation

When it's all closed up it's not all that un-neat! The cable plugs into the HTX-10's mike jack, and the key plugs into the jack at the front of the case. Voila!

27 Dec 2004

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